The sixthreezero Design Philosophy

April 02, 2019
The sixthreezero Design Philosophy


Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of Sixthreezero. Thanks for watching today. So today, I want to talk to you about the Sixthreezero design philosophy. What are we about, what are our bikes about, what are we trying to do? We get a lot of questions, "What sets your bike apart?" "What is your guy's philosophy." So let me jump right in. Number one, I'll say the design philosophy here at Sixthreezero Bicycle Co. is comfort. What we want to do that's different from anyone else, is we want to design our bikes to be the most comfortable in the market.

So, how do we do this? Number one, we really focus on seats. This seems like a minuscule thing, but when you think about a bicycle, and you think about how many parts of your body are actually touching the bike, you've got three. You've got your rear, your feet, and your hands. When I talk about the seat, I'm also talking about the grips. They sort of go hand in hand.
We really, really focus on our seats. What we do, is we try to bring an oversized seat to every model of bike that we manufacture. Whether it's our hybrid bikes, our city bikes, our cruiser bikes, we want to be offering a seat that is going to be bigger, more comfortable, more cushioned than anybody else on the marketplace, because that's our competitive advantage.
What we're doing is different from a lot of companies. Most companies put more emphasis on performance and things like that. We put more emphasis on how do we make this bike comfortable, and specifically in this case, the seat. Again, because our bikes and our typical uses are more for recreational use. People aren't racing on our bikes. However, you may get out, ride some trails, be aggressive, things like that. We have bikes for that. We're still trying to design those with comfort top of mind, and how do we make that seat more comfortable than someone that has the exact same bike?
The other thing that we do is focus on the riding position. At Sixthreezero, we are not believers in the full lean over riding position. That's not who we are, that's not what we do. We design our bikes to keep backs as upright as possible. Why do we do that? Because that's better for your spine, everything's aligned, and it's putting less tension on your lower back, things like that. If you want to ride like that, leaned forward, and you want to be more aggressive, I can tell you definitely there are other bike companies out there that are gonna have more performance oriented bikes, lean more forward. You might be able to go faster on their bikes, or you might be able to be more aggressive, but on our bikes, you're gonna be more comfortable.
Our goal is not to diminish performance. We still want our bikes to perform, but we want them to outperform on the comfort side. Our design philosophy is how do we take a bike, get the rider upright a little bit more, make their back more comfortable, and make them really, really enjoy the ride? You're gonna see across all of our lines, from our comfort and cruiser to our hybrid, in the comfort cruiser city, you're gonna have a full upright ride. On our hybrid bikes, you're gonna have maybe just a little bit of a lean, but some of them are fully upright, and we're gonna try to keep that back way more upright, even across the hybrids, than anybody else's hybrid bikes.
That's really what sets us apart. That's our design philosophy, and that's what we believe in, so we try to do it better. If you have any other questions, want to talk to us about our design philosophy and how is it implemented on a bike you're interested in, please reach out, 310-982-2877, or shoot us an email, And of course, you can browse all of our bikes, on the top go to 'shop' men's and women's. Don't forget, enter your height and weight into our body fit calculator. It will tell you which bike is right for your body, thumbs up, thumbs down. If you get a thumbs down, please contact us, we can customize something to fit your body, 'cause we want to make sure everybody can find a bike that's right for them. Don't forget, we have a 365-day return policy. You can ride that bike, log miles. If you hate it, send it back to us, because we're gonna guarantee we can find a bike that you'll love.

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The sixthreezero Design Philosophy