The Complete Guide to Charging an Electric Bike

October 15, 2019
The Complete Guide to Charging an Electric Bike
The Complete Guide to Charging an Electric Bike

Electric bikes continue to gain popularity. More and more people are realizing how practical and useful an electric bike can be. Of course, ebike battery life is a concern for many people. They worry that they will find themselves stuck with a dead battery on a long trip. This guide will help you make the most of your electric bike battery life and maintain good charging practices.

Starting With the Right Battery

If you want to get strong battery life from your bike, you need to choose a bike with a good battery system. Some bikes have larger, more durable batteries than others. Naturally, if you opt for the least expensive ebike possible, it is likely to have less-than-ideal battery life. Even a modest upgrade can help you find a much better-quality battery.

However, the electric bike with longest battery life doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive. Many brands offer excellent batteries at reasonable prices. In many cases, this is worth investing in. After all, you are buying an electric bike to help you travel. There is no reason to choose one that will hold you back.

Good Charging Practices

You’ve finally found the best electric bike for you and are excited to use it. However, you should take the time to fully charge it initially. Plug it in for at least 12 hours before riding for the first time. Your goal on your initial charge should be to get current flowing through every cell to help condition the battery.

Recharge your ebike battery often. Typically, it is best to recharge when your battery has between 30 and 60 percent charge left. Fully discharging too often can hurt the battery. Of course, if you are on a long trip it is fine to use the full battery; however, you should avoid this when it isn’t necessary.

Try to keep your battery away from temperature extremes. Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight on a hot day for too long. It is completely fine to ride your bike on a sunny day. When you go to park it, however, try to find a shady spot. This is true for when you are charging also.

Avoid overcharging your battery. When it is fully recharged, unplug it. This is only an issue if you are leaving the bike on the charger for days at a time. So, you don’t need to set a reminder to unplug your bike or anything like that. However, try to avoid extended periods of your bike being plugged in while fully charged.

Extending Your Range

If you want to go further on your electric bike, consider purchasing a spare battery. You can keep this in a backpack and use it if you run out of juice on a long trip.

Also, consider buying a spare charger. If you commute with your ebike, you can bring the battery into work and charge it there. This is a simple way to keep your ride fully charged with minimal effort.

Many ebikes have different power modes. Eco-mode can help you maximize your range. It is a lot less draining than sportier modes. These three tips can help you really maximize the distance you are able to go on your bike.

Start Charging Your EBike Better

Use this guide to begin better ebike charging practices. Whether you are looking for kids, womens or mens electric bikes, keep battery life in mind as you make your decision. However, even the smallest battery can be effective when you apply the above charging tips. Maximize your battery health and keep it properly charged and you can be confident that you will never find yourself out of juice on a long trip.

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The Complete Guide to Charging an Electric Bike