The Best Father’s Day Gifts For Cyclists

June 07, 2018
The Best Father’s Day Gifts For Cyclists

Get your cycling dad something useful for Father’s Day this year. Deliver a gift that speaks to his love of riding. We have some great presents for fathers, from cool and comfortable bikes to accessories that will make a journey an especially enjoyable one.

Pave n’ Trail

Our Pave n’ Trail bicycle is one of the best bikes for men who like to chart their own course. It’s a hybrid bike that lives up to its name. This cycle is equipped to handle packed or paved trails. It offers 21 speeds for the ultimate ride, whether that means rolling on smooth pavement or grinding over hard grass. No matter what terrain dad rides, he’ll take it like a boss with this bike. It’s ideal for riders who prefer pavement with a little off-road excitement thrown in here or there.


One of the best men comfort bikes, our ExploreyourRange is for the urban adventurer. This bike is reliable, capable and versatile – probably more so than any other bicycle we offer. It perfectly plows through a tough morning commute, and its sturdy aluminum frame along with adaptive 7-speed gears offer the power to go full speed when needed. This bike comes in a range of colors and is customer-recognized as the best bike for bad knees since it’s so smooth.

Boombotix Boombot Wireless Speaker with Bike Mount Kit

Give your father a revolutionized ride with our Boombotix Boombot REX Ultra-Portable Wireless Speaker with Bike Mount Kit. This evolved ultra-portable speaker features cutting-edge acoustics and contemporary industrial design. It combines a noise-canceling microphone with a built-in clip to let dad stay collected with family and friends while he rides to the beat of his favorite songs. It’s possible to take calls through this speaker with a cell phone stashed safely in a pocket or pack.

SunLite Gold Tech Lite Rear Rack with Struts

Our SunLight Rear Rack is a great accessory to any cruiser bike. It offers beautiful aesthetics and awesome functionality with its sleek look and spring retention system. This rack is made of tubular 6061-T6 alloy construction and is capable of holding up to 45 pounds. It fits 26-inch wheeled bicycles with or without fenders.

Pedros Domestique Floor Pump

Keep dad from ruining his ride due to a flat. Give him the Pedros Domestique Floor Pump that comes in a vibrant green color and an easy-to-use design. In no time, deflated tires go from limp to ready to go. The pump features a dual head that facilitates Schrader and Presta values, and it comes with a pump-attached pressure gauge.

Along with these great gifts, or presents like our men’s trail bikes or best city bicycles, think of giving your dad a bit of your time. If you ride, get out on the city streets or trail with him and enjoy a journey together.

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The Best Father’s Day Gifts For Cyclists