Texas Electric Bike Laws

September 17, 2019
Texas Electric Bike Laws
Texas Electric Bike Laws

Texas ebike laws apply to motorized bicycles with a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. In general, drivers of these vehicles must follow the same state traffic laws that apply to bicycles.

Licensing and Rider Requirements

When shopping electric bikes for sale, there's no age limit to worry about in Texas. Those of all ages can legally ride this type of bicycle. Helmets are not required.

As with a traditional bicycle, electric bikes should not be used to carry more than one person unless the bike is designed with a second seat. Do not operate an electric bike that is towing another bike or a person on a skateboard or roller skates.

Registration is not required for electric bikes. Riders are not required to carry an insurance policy.

Hand Signals

E bike laws in Texas require riders to keep at least one hand free to steer the handlebars. You must also use hand signals to let other vehicles know when you are turning:

  • Extend your left arm and bend the hand upward at a 90-degree angle to indicate a right turn.
  • Extend your left arm straight out horizontally to indicate a left turn.
  • Extend your left arm and bend your hand downward at a 90-degree angle to signal an upcoming stop.

Trail Access

If you opt for an electric hybrid bike or mountain bike, you can safely and easily explore miles of Texas wilderness. However, these bikes are limited to trails that allow both motorized and nonmotorized access. Stick to legal trails when traveling electric in local, county, state and federal park land. If you aren't sure if you're allowed to ride on a specific trail, get in touch with the local land management agency for that area.

E-Bike Equipment and Gear

According to Texas electric bike laws, your bike must be outfitted with working brakes. If you ride your bike after dark, it must have a headlamp with a white light that can project up to 500 feet and either a red rear lamp visible up to 500 feet or a red rear reflector visible up to 300 feet.

Riding on Roadways

When sharing the road with motor vehicles, ride your electric bike as far to the right as possible (or to the left on a one-way street). You can take up the full lane of traffic only if you are passing another cyclist or motorist, avoiding unsafe conditions or hazards, preparing to turn left or unable to safely ride next to a motor vehicle in that lane.

If you are traveling with another cyclist, you can share one lane rather than moving to the side. However, you may not unreasonably impede the flow of traffic and may be required to let cars pass during especially busy times.

Once you understand e bike laws for Texas riders, it's time to get moving on two wheels. A reputable dealer can demonstrate the latest clean, efficient, fun-to-ride electric bikes.

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Texas Electric Bike Laws