Summer 2021: The Best Bike Baskets For All Your Essentials

May 21, 2021
Summer 2021: The Best Bike Baskets For All Your Essentials
Summer 2021: The Best Bike Baskets For All Your Essentials

Warmer days are on their way, and that means more time for bike rides. Excited bicyclists everywhere are adjusting brakes, greasing chains, and looking for the perfect accessories. Accessories no one should forgo include water bottles and bike baskets for summer. With so many different styles and features to choose from, you're sure to find the best basket for the way you ride. 

Choosing a Bike Basket for Summer Rides

Why do you ride in the summer? Do you use the bike for all your errands, including shopping? Perhaps you like to take your bike to the beach or to the park. Or maybe summertime is when you hit the trails and the backcountry for overnight rides. These are the questions you need to answer to choose the right basket. A basket that can fit your groceries will be different than a basket that stows overnight gear.

Also, think about the type of bike you have and the look you want. If you ride a vintage Schwinn complete with red paint, a Nantucket bike basket is the perfect complement. For those extended trail rides, a rear-mounted basket will hold a small pup tent. Last, but not least, you should consider your riding environment.

Los Angeles

Biking in LA means dodging cars and enduring urban congestion. Messenger bikes, commuter bikes, and pleasure bikes are all common. For a city environment, consider SunLite Lift-Off Mesh Bottom Wire Baskets. They are a good size for hauling groceries, lunches, and extra water. Thanks to the powder-coated finish they are easy to hose off or wipe down. They also come in a panoply of cheerful colors to match any ride. 

The Hamptons

If you're traveling to the Hamptons this summer, lucky you! You can head for the dirt trails that wind through hardwood forests, wander down shady paved lanes, or cruise along the beaches. In any case, biking in the Hamptons demands a certain classic style. Consider a wicker basket, such as the Nantucket Cliff Road. If you'd like a rear mount basket that can hold a little more weight, there's the Nantucket Tuckernuck. Both baskets have leather straps for attachment.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod is the ideal place to bring your cruiser bike. Long bike trails with beautiful vistas await you. A basket will be quite handy on the 25-mile long Cape Cod Bike Trail. You can stow extra water, snacks, and rain gear for those unexpected nor'easters. Good bike baskets for cruisers include the Nantucket Cruiser Collection Rear Wicker Basket. It is a true workhorse and can handle a ton of gear.

Newport Beach

The weather is always perfect for biking in Newport Beach. The community is full of shorter biking trails that cover a range of topography, from boardwalks and open roads to the Pacific Ridge Trailhead. If you're headed onto the latter, you can get your mountain bike out of the garage. Make sure it's rigged up properly with a basket suited for mountain bikes. The SunLite Lift-Off Mesh Bottom Wire Basket is once again a good choice here. It's deep and sturdy to safely hold all your stuff. 


Are there any towns more charming than Charleston? Biking in this city means enjoying a slower pace, which is great since there's so much to see. This is a nice place to bring your vintage bike or touring bike for a ride on the West Ashley Greenway. With a jaunty Nantucket Cisco Collection Front Wicker Basket, you can ride in everywhere style.

Finding the right summer bike basket is a lot of fun. Check out your options online today.

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Summer 2021: The Best Bike Baskets For All Your Essentials