sixthreezero Women's Around the Block vs Pave n' Trail | Comparing Bike Models

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February 26, 2021
sixthreezero Women's Around the Block vs Pave n' Trail Comparing Bike Models
Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of 630. I am joined with Peter, our head of quality control and customer experience. And today we're going to talk to you about the differences between the, around the block and the pave n' trail. So stick with us.

So, as I said, I am joined with Peter. Peter has been in the bike industry for over 20 years, all the way from a mechanic to a store manager, to a sales rep, to here with us now. He's going to help explain to you the differences between the around the block and the pave n' trail. We get a lot of questions about the differences in models. I think this one's going to be a little bit easier than a lot of them. These are very different bikes, but we'll go ahead and get into some of the details. So I'll kick it off to Pete. Pete, I'll let you get right into it and tell us what's different about these two bikes.

Sure. Yeah, Dusty. This is the around the block, obviously, and here's the pave n' trail. The Around the Block is the classic cruiser. And so we offer it in the design that's just been around for almost a hundred years. The pave n' trail is a true hybrid bike. It's a very versatile bike that can be used for a lot of different uses. One thing that you'll notice at first is their wheel size between the Around the Block and the pave n' trail. The pave n' trail has a larger wheel. It's like a road bike wheel, but it also has narrower tires compared to the, around the block. But they're a little bit wider than the road bikes. So you could also take it off-road a little bit. They aren't wide enough for true off-road or trail riding, but you can take it off-road on dirt paths or hard paths like that.

The pave n' trail also has shocks, which are also great for going off-road. On this trim level, you're able to lock out the shocks to maximize performance when you're on the road. There's also suspension seat posts on here for extra comfort. So with the around the block, this is going to be a casual bike for riding around the beach, riding around the neighborhood, taking it around the block, as we like to say, pun intended. And just have a nice casual time, but you're not going to go super far, super-fast like you would on a performance bike. With the Pavan trail. You actually could go pretty fast on this bike. This is much more performance-oriented with the size of tire that we have, the narrow high-pressure tire. Also, the mountain bike style frame is going to give you a lot of agility and control on this bike.

It also has straight handlebars, which give you more control, they're up in the cockpit. On the around the block, this has the cruiser sweep handlebars, which are nice and relaxed. But they're not as technical as you'll find on the pave n' trail. So pretty big differences. It's going to matter what kind of riding you're willing to do.

Yeah. The pave n' trail is going to put you in a lean-forward position, more of an aggressive riding style. Now we've done the best we can do to design this bike from a comfort perspective. But when you get into this performance hybrid, you... We're trying to gear it towards performance, so there are some elements around comfort that we had to just throw out the window, so to speak. So this is actually, I would say one of our most performance-based models in the catalog, especially we've got a narrower seat, which is going to less resistance, a more aggressive riding position. The around the block has a much wider cupping seat for your rear, way more comfortable. Again, these seats actually are comfortable for a lot of people if you get used to it, but straight out of the box, just sitting on it, the around the block has a more comfort-oriented seat.

So riding position-wise, if you can see on the around the block, handlebars are going to be here, your back's going to be totally upright in an ergonomic position. Arms are super relaxed and the pave n' trail, you're going to be like that. So you can see there's going to be tension on your back. There's going to be tensions on your arms, but as Pete said in the cockpit, so to speak, you're going to be able to steer a lot more aggressively at higher speeds. You're going to be able to be more agile, things like that. So if you're looking, you need to turn quickly or you're going places, you're on streets, pave n' trail would be... On streets and more aggressive situations, I should say, pave n' trail is going to be better for that. The around the block is really more for casual rides, neighborhoods, by the beach, things of that nature.

So, yeah. I mean, aesthetically and then speed-wise again, we're not going to talk too much about trim levels just because we have different trim levels of all bikes. We're talking more about just the general model. The pave n' trail though, is an aluminum frame, this spec level. So there's an aluminum frame available. On the around the block, this is steel and there are only steel frames available. But quite honestly, they're such different bikes that I wouldn't necessarily even be considering these two bikes in the same conversation. Pave n' trails, really exercise aggressive riding. Maybe you like to go to forest preserves or nature parks, and you're going from pavement to trail back to pavement. This is really a great option, especially if you're trying to move at a quick pace. Even if you're on a trail too and moving at a quick pace and you need to steer fast, do things like that, a great option there.

Both do have back racks. You have the fork there. The other thing about hybrids, I always rode a hybrid growing up. And what I like about it is the versatility with the fork. And you also have a suspension seat post on this model. And one thing I should point out quickly is the height. So with this seat post, women 5.4 and above are only going to be able to ride it as it comes out of the box. However, if you're five foot to 5.4 and you're interested in this bike, we can actually get you a seat post that will allow the seat to go lower. Because as the suspension seat post comes, the seat has to be raised a minimum of four inches. So women 5.4 and above are the only riders with it out of the box. But again, we're known for customization and body fits so that can always be changed.

Whereas the around the block out of the box can fit women about five foot to 5.1, up to about six foot, 6.1, depending on inseam. That's the one caveat to always remember. But as I was going to say for hybrids, the benefit of these is if you're going to be doing really aggressive street riding going up and down curbs or riding different places going on and off a path, this type of bike is great because you've got the suspension fork. You've also got a tread, that's not an aggressive tread, but it's got some indentation. It can grip the road, it can grip the dirt. It can do things like that. So really, if you're going over lots of curbs or going over lots of bumps, this setup with the suspension fork and the suspension seat post will be great for that.

The ATB is better if you're just riding straight, riding smooth, riding clean, and you can stay like this and you don't have to turn very fast easy casual rides. In terms of the gears and the speeds, the pave n' trail, as it is now only comes in seven and 21 speed. The ride in the park, oh sorry, the around the block comes in single 3721. So if you're looking for something with lower gears and less maintenance, around the block would be a better choice. Performance-wise, though, pave n' trail has the seven and 21, so good for the performance element. Anything else you think to add Pete?

Yeah, just to summarize, they are. These really are very different bikes. This is just the casual cruiser, which's great for riding around the beach or the neighborhood, this bike the straight handlebars and a performance saddle. And the positioning is going to give you a lot of power and speed if you're looking for fitness.

Yeah. So casual, cruiser, neighborhoods, around the block, park, things of that nature. Pave n' trail, pavement rides, aggressive speed, cities, exercise, on and off trails, on and off curbs, up and down, that's your bike. So if you have any questions, please comment below. We're happy to answer them. You can also email us at or call us 310-982-2877. We're happy to answer your questions. 2877, that is. And also don't forget, take the body fit quiz on our website. We've developed a proprietary algorithm to take your answers about your lifestyle and your body and recommend a bike perfect for you. And the kicker, we have a 365-day return policy. If you don't love your bike in 365 days, you can send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket. So thanks for sticking with us. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.

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