Sixthreezero vs. Schwinn

Choosing a Bike
January 23, 2018
Sixthreezero vs. Schwinn

If you’re a leisurely rider who thrives on casualness and comfort, a beach cruiser bike may be perfect for you. Or maybe you’re looking for a versatile bicycle for your city commuting and want to look cute during your ride. If cuteness and comfort are both at the top of your check list when looking for a bicycle, a cruiser bike may be ideal for you. But with so many bike brands available, how will know the best brand for you? With so many cruising companies out there, we’ve put together a list of the top two in the industry, including a sixthreezero bike review and a Schwinn cruiser review. Read the rest of this article to discover sixthreezero vs. Schwinn.

Sixthreezero Review

If you’re seeking a functional cruiser but don’t want to compromise fashion, a cruiser from sixthreezero would be a fantastic choice for you. A perfect blend of form and function, these bikes hold their integrity to your comfort while looking effortlessly stylish. The smart step-thru design found on all of these beach cruisers enables you to easily mount and dismount the bicycle while the low pedal positioning allows you to put both feet on the ground while still being seated on your saddle.

The foot-forward seat and pedal position enables you to have a comfy, upright riding position that alleviates tension on the back and also allows riders of varying heights to stop and start without any hassle at all. The one of a kind ergonomic frame geometry keeps you riding tall and not hunched over for maximum comfort, so you can keep going, mile after comfortable mile.

Best of all, you can fully personalize your ride with our built-in accessory attachment points. Add a water bottle or basket in a breeze!

All of our bikes also come with free shipping, a lifetime warranty, and a 365-day test ride. We guarantee you won’t find that any place else!

Schwinn Review

Schwinn has been a powerful legacy in the American cruiser community since the 1950’s, and the company is still going strong. Their Schwinn Signature cruiser line is all about the chill factor of their bikes. Their cruisers are perfect for laid-back riders who want both simplicity and the classic Schwinn style. Their cruisers take the classic cruiser to the next level with a modern, lightweight aluminum frame, bold color options, and the premier Schwinn Relaxed Position Geometry. The slackened riding position helps you keep an upright form and the proper leg extension so that you can easily touch the floor while still seated.

While Schwinn has been around for more than 100 years, they have to make room for the new player in town. With the ability to fully customize your bike with our unique accessory bundles, as well as our lifetime warranty, and patented ergonomic geometry, sixthreezero is clearly the optimal choice.

If you’re seeking the best women’s beach cruisers or men’s beach cruisers available on the market, look no further than our website. Join our Journey Club to uncover new and exciting ride locations around the globe!

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Sixthreezero vs. Schwinn