sixthreezero vs. Electra

Choosing a Bike
January 24, 2018
sixthreezero vs. Electra

Are you a casual cyclist looking for the utmost in comfort? Do you want a bike that takes you to and from the market, not a ride that can scale treacherous mountain terrain? Cruiser beach bikes are definitely your style.

There are plenty of questions that arise when you begin the hunt for a new cruiser. What are the best bikes for cruising on pavement? How far can you ride on a cruiser bike? And, what is the best brand for beach cruiser bicycles? There are a few leading beach bike brands on the market, including sixthreezero and Electra. We’ve broken down the pros of each brand in this review.

Why Cruiser Bikes?

First things first: why should you even go with a cruiser bike? This style isn’t right for mountain bikers, but it’s great for anyone who wants to relax while they pedal. Cruiser bikes have big tires, extra cushioned saddles, and an ergonomic design. You won’t have to lean forward to power your bike; just sit back, feel the sun on your face, and slowly pedal your way along the boardwalk. Because they’re built for comfort and leisure over aggressive exercise, a cruiser bike is great for anyone who wants to bike with no pressure. If finding a top-of-the-line bicycle for men or women seems overwhelming, starting with a cruiser bike is a good way to go.

What to Look For 101

Before we charge ahead with a brand comparison, let’s do a quick lesson on what to look for in any cruiser bike. When you’re in the market for a comfort cruiser, you want a bike that has:

  • An adjustable saddle. Moving your seat up and down can ensure that you’re not over-extending your knees or struggling to reach the pedals. A cruiser that doesn’t accommodate your height won’t be any fun to ride.
  • Room for attachments. Cruisers are a great vehicle for weekend errands or leisurely trips to the park. You’ll probably want to stop for a picnic or bring home a bag of groceries at some point. Make sure your cruiser can handle a basket or lockbox on the back.
  • Handbrakes. Front and rear handbrakes make riding safer. A lot of novice riders opt for cruiser bikes, and being able to stop quickly can give them more confidence.

Customizable features. The bottom line is that your new cruise should fit like a glove. If you can’t make necessary updates and upgrades, you may never feel comfortable on your bicycle. Look for a brand that lets you create a personalized riding experience.


The most popular sixthreezero bike, and the perfect statement of their commitment to comfort and versatility, is their EVRYjourney cruiser. With a 19-inch aluminum frame and big, cushy, 26-inch wheels, this bike was made for the leisurely rider. Accommodating men sizes five feet to 6’4, this bike boasts a foot forward seat and pedal positioning that enables riders of varying heights to stop easily and put both feet flat on the ground.

The ergonomic frame and low pedal positioning found on every one of sixthreezero’s bikes makes riding a breeze. Made with the rider’s comfort in mind, these bikes were redesigned from the frame up to alleviate saddle soreness, as well as lower back and shoulder pressure, allowing for a superbly smooth ride over every type of terrain. Riders can travel mile after mile without having to worry about pain during or after their ride.

Sixthreezero’s inventory of bikes includes cruisers, city, comfort, hybrid, and trail bicycles. All have built-in accessory attachment points that make customizing your ride a snap (literally). Easily add a basket or water bottle in no time at all!

Best of all, all of their bicycles also come with free shipping, a lifetime warranty, and a 365-day test ride.

evryjourney cruiser bike details


What are Electra bikes? These popular bicycles range from lightweight commuter bikes to traditional Dutch models. They also make cruisers and kids bikes. Electra has been making bikes for 25 years, and they are trusted in a lot of cycling circles.

The Townie bike is one of Electra’s most popular bikes. The Townie is equipped with patented Flat Foot Technology, a smart technology that gives you more comfort and control. The Flat Foot Technology provides a relaxed, upright seating position with the proper leg extension so you can plant both feet firmly onto the ground whenever you want without dismounting your bicycle.

But are Townie bikes good for long distance? Electra recommends the Townie for rides between 20-100 miles, the same distance their Cruiser bike can comfortably travel. Electra bikes also include either a derailleur gear system or an internal gear system that makes stopping, starting, and switching gears easy and comfortable. If you’re a fan of multi-gear bikes, you can get up to 8 speeds on your ride so you can tackle hills on your daily commute.

All in all, the Electra bike is a good starter bike for folks who want more than one gear and like to have both feet on the ground when they come to a stop.
evryjourney vs electra

Despite the serious comfort of their Flat Foot Technology, Electra simply cannot live up to sixthreezero’s bikes that offer modern-day mechanics and the ability to fully customize your ride. Design your own bike to your personal style and tastes with their built-in attachment points and one-of-a-kind customization kits which allows you to truly make your bike your own.

If you’re seeking the best beach cruiser bikes for sale, look no further than sixthreezero’s site. The sixthreezero bikes in the cruiser category are great for riders of all ages and skill levels. Even if you’re a pro who likes to tackle mountains on the weekends, it’s nice to take an occasional low-key ride to the farmers market atop huge cushy wheels. For new riders, a casual cruiser bike is easy to handle and the low pedaling position won’t leave your legs feeling like noodles when you step off. It’s a win-win for the entire family, even if some of you are better at biking than others. Not sure which cruiser is right for you? Use our Body Fit tool to enter your height and weight and see which cruisers sixthreezero recommends for your frame. From there, browsing men’s and women’s bikes is fun and simple!

Want to take your cruiser bike on a new park trail or paved bike path in your area?Join our Journey Club to uncover new and exciting ride locations close to home and around the world!

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