sixthreezero Relaxed Body Bike vs EVRYjourney Bike | Comparing Bike Models

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February 26, 2021
sixthreezero Relaxed Body Bike vs EVRYjourney Bike Comparing Bike Models
Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero. Today I have Pete with me, our head of customer experience and QC, to talk to you guys about our newest product, the Relaxed Body.

I've got Pete here with me today, the head of our customer experience and QC teams. He's got over 30 years' experience in the bike industry, all the way from a mechanic, up to a store manager, to here with us now as our customer experience/QC head.

We are going to talk to you guys about an exciting new bike in our lineup, the Relaxed Body. This is a unique frame and riding position bike, something that we would like to call a semi-recumbent. It's sort of in-between a recumbent and a normal bike. We'll get into explaining that. So Pete, welcome. I'll start us off. We'll have Pete elaborate on some things.

The idea behind the Relaxed Body is to do something in between our EVRYjourney and a recumbent bike. For those of you that know the EVRYjourney, it has a forward-pedaling design. The advantage of a forward-pedaling design is you can keep the seat low to the ground while still getting ample leg extension when riding. Now, the EVRYjourney has about a five-inch forward-pedaling design. The Relaxed Body has an eight-inch forward-pedaling design. You can see how long the frame is.

Now on a traditional recumbent bike. The seat is to the ground basically, and your legs are fully parallel out in front of your body. On the Relaxed Body, it's not all the way there. Your legs aren't all the way out in front of your body, but they are extended a good deal out in front of your body. The advantage of something like this is an ultra-comfortable riding position, a bicycle that's easy to mount and dismount because you can keep the seat low to the ground, but still get ample leg extension while riding.

Also with the way our handlebars are, they come into your body so you don't have to reach or do anything like that. The handlebars with these ape hanger styles can be bent... Not bent, but it can be adjusted or tilted into your body, so your body doesn't have to do any work. It can stay in a relaxed riding position while the bike adjusts to you.

So, Pete, I don't know if you want to get in and explain a little bit about, elaborate on what I just said about the riding position, the forward-pedaling design, and sort of how that differs from a traditional triangle frame design.

Yeah. I think Dusty pretty much-covered everything there, but I can add a little bit.

This bike looks different than what you may be used to when you see a traditional cruiser or even the EVRYjourney. You can see it's lower and longer. It's cool, though. This is a great bike for extreme comfort and also for accountability. The step-through is very low and it's a wide area, so you can step through it very easily like this. No problem.

The seat can also go extremely low, even lower than the EVRYjourney, and we'll going to show you something right now. So it comes with a rather long seat post. This is the lowest I can get it right here. But if you do want to get the seat lower, we can certainly send you-

Let's show them this quick.


One thing I want to say about this bike, it comes with a super long seat post. That's because the Relaxed Body can accommodate a really wide range of heights. I'd like to say anywhere from about 4'9", 4'10", all the way up to 6'5". If you put the seat up and you push these handlebars back, that's going to allow a tall person with long arms to get proper arm extension and proper leg extension because you get the rise in the seat, plus the forward-pedaling design.

And still sitting upright to take the pressure.

And still sitting upright. That's key.

Now, if you take that seat out and you switch, and this is an option. The seat post comes standard, but if you're shorter and you're interested in this bike, or if you get the bike and it doesn't fit your body, we can send you a shorter seat post so you can adjust it.

You can see by using this seat post, the seat comes down. Now, when you look at that, that is significantly lower to the ground than any of our other bikes, the EVRYjourney, or our standard AroundtheBlock. So somebody, again, 4'8", 4'9" can mount and dismount this bike, and the benefit is if you have shorter arms, you can tilt these bars.

Now the ape hanger handlebars traditionally, I think, people think of like a low rider, and they don't look normal, sort of what Pete said.

Yeah, it's true.

But the advantage is, is you can tilt these down, bring them into your body and still maintain that upright, relaxed, ergonomic position. That's the real advantage for these, for a varying degree of heights. So go ahead and tilt it. You're shorter, they come into your body, bring the handlebars like basically right here, your whole upper body is relaxed, elbow, back, shoulders. It's all relaxed, and you're riding comfortably.

Yep. Like I've mentioned before, when I talk about this bike, it's not necessarily a speed machine, but it is a very cool casual bike. It's super comfortable.

It also comes spec'd out the same way that our highest level of EVRYjourney does. It has high-quality double-wall rims and these nice, smooth, higher pressure tires to make it a little more efficient for you. Then we have the three-piece cranks here, which is all really good equipment, and Shimano on the seven-speed.

But, yeah, what a versatile bike. I think this probably has the widest range for height differences. You can also talk about the body fit, I think, with that.

Yeah. One thing I just want to add is, again, it doesn't look like a normal bicycle, so I don't want people to be turned off by that because there's an absolute purpose to this bike and its comfort. If you're somebody that wants to take the pressure off your hips or your knees and the downward thrusting on a normal bike doesn't work for you, maybe you have pain, this is a great option.

That's where recumbent bikes came from and recumbent as a full sit-down-style bike. They don't look at all like normal bikes. So if you're at the place where you need something that would take a little pressure off your joints in your lower body when riding, but you're not really wanting to get into a full recumbent sort of sit-down bike, you still want to be able to have your legs somewhat on an angle or somewhat downward, so you can get more power on the downstroke, this is a great option. Again, it's somewhere in-between the EVRYjourney and a recumbent bike. So it's a really sort of new category, different and super, super comfortable.

Actually, for me, I love this bike. I think it's comfortable and fun to ride because you can adjust it in so many ways where you feel nothing, nothing on your shoulders, nothing on your wrists, nothing on your back.

With that said, my recommendation is, is take our Body Fit Quiz, put in your lifestyle, things you do when you want to ride, and your body dimensions. Our proprietary algorithm will recommend a bike that's right for your body and your life.

If you have any other questions about the Relaxed Body, please comment below. We're happy to answer them. Or send us an email,, or feel free to call us at (310) 982-2877.

Don't forget, we have a 365-day return policy. So if you don't love your bike in the first 365 days, we'll take it back. No questions asked, no charge.

So don't forget. It's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.

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