sixthreezero Insider, Episode 1

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May 30, 2019
sixthreezero Insider, Episode 1


Hey, guys. Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero. Today, we're starting something new. Welcome to sixthreezero Insider. We're going to start coming to you guys once a month, talking to you about what's going on at sixthreezero, what's going on with the bike industry. We want to keep you connected to what's happening here, what's happening out in the bike industry, and just what's going on in general. So, let's jump right in, but first, if you guys like the content, please comment below, give us a thumbs up, or subscribe to our channel. We're going to be coming out with some more good stuff.

So, sixthreezero Insider. Let's talk about it. We've got a lot of really cool things going on at sixthreezero. We want to talk to you guys about it, and let you know. First thing, if you haven't already seen it on our website, we released our Body Fit 360 questionnaire. If you're on our website, just look up, right up there. There's a link on the top bar. It says, "Take the Body Fit 360 quiz." You can put in your height and weight, what kind of riding you do, and it's going to recommend a bike that's perfect for you. If you already have a bike, please, share it with some friends. I'd also love some feedback. Let us know if it works, if it doesn't work, or if you think the bike is a good recommendation.

We're basically trying to use some artificial intelligence, some algorithms to see if we can hone in on how to fit people properly to the bikes via a proprietary algorithm we've created here. You're seeing this in other categories everywhere else, you know? How do you use technology to help better fit people to their things? So we launched that, and we're super excited. It took about six months for us to work it out and get it up and running. It's there, so please give us your feedback. Again, comment below. Let us know if you take the quiz, and we'll see if we can make it better.

In addition, big news. We have electric bikes coming out. We've been working on these e-bikes for about over a year now, and they're about to hit US soil on June 15th-ish, June 10th-ish. I say ish because obviously a lot going on in the world right now. You know, different trade things happening and whatnot. It'll be around the 10th or the 15th they'll be here. What we've done is we've taken two of our bestselling bikes, the EVRYjourney and the Around The Block, and we've turned them into e-bikes. If you're on our website, go to the top. It says, "Bikes," then it says, "Electric Bikes." Click "Electric Bikes." You can check them out. We've got 250-watt motors, 500-watt motors, pedal assist. You're going to be able to hit about 30... I take that back, about 28 miles an hour. If you do full throttle, you're going to be able to go about 21 miles an hour on the 500-watt.

They're super cool. I've ridden them. We've got some samples here. We're going to come out with another video, give you guys a little sneak peek. I'll walk you through the bike, but they're pretty cool. They look very similar to the original non-motorized version. We've got the battery integrated with the back rack, so it's a really clean look. If you've never ridden an e-bike, please go do it. I don't even care if it's a sixthreezero. You can go check out Pedego. They've got some rental shops in your area. Or if you've got a local electric bike shop, go ride an e-bike, find a friend, do something. They are awesome. They are super fun, super easy. It is seriously like the coolest thing, and better than a bike. I mean, better than a bike in a different way. Bikes are good for some things, e-bikes are good for other things. I've got both, and I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoy it. So, check it out, let me know, comment below if you guys like them, if you've ridden them, or if you don't like them. I would be curious to hear.

In addition to that, we've got something else we've been working on, which we're planning to launch later this year. It's going to be a women's brand. We are actually coming out with a women's brand. It's going to be under a part of the sixthreezero company. It's going to be called AO Bicycles, and it's going to be bicycles designed specifically for women. New colors, new fitting, new sizes, new ways of fitting women to their bikes. It's going to be super cool, and yeah, it's been in the works... That's been in the works for about two years now. We really wanted to come out with a bike line that was listening to the needs of women, so we hired a whole team of women to go out, do some research, survey different body types, and come back to us with feedback, so yeah, we could make a really awesome bike. You're going to see more about that in the next few months, but as of now, that's kind of my little teaser. We don't want to give away too much, but it's coming, I promise, and we're super proud of it.

Other than that, the last thing is we're launching our ride-along series. If you guys haven't checked it out, go on the YouTube channel and check out the Downtown LA ride-along. We took a group of us down to Downtown LA, did a little ride through the Arts District, stopped at a market, grabbed some food, so we're going to be touring all over California, filming ourselves doing different rides, checking out different cool places, and we want to do it on bikes. So, take a look at that video. Also, we've got another video coming out here pretty soon. I took a bike to Hawaii, did a little beach ride, going to launch that on the ride-along. If you guys want to see us ride somewhere, let me know, comment below a location, and we'll get out there and film the ride so everyone can take a look.

So, that's it for us right now. We'll check in in about a month. We'll let you know. Just don't forget, though, it is the bike-riding season, and we want people pedaling out there, so get out. The weather is good, I think. Might be raining somewhere, or snowing, but the weather is here, summer is here. It's the bike-riding season. Please, if you need anything or want to connect with us, email us,, or call us, 310-982-2877. Comment below, subscribe to our channel. We'd love to hear from you. Talk to you in a month.

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sixthreezero Insider, Episode 1