sixthreezero EVRYjourney vs Body Ease | Bike Model Comparison

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February 25, 2021
sixthreezero EVRYjourney vs Body Ease Bike Model Comparison

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero. Today, we are going to do a comparison video for you, and we are going to compare the EVRYjourney to the Body Ease. Here we go.

We get a lot of questions about comparing bike models. Do people want to know what's the difference? What's the difference in riding? How do these two bikes compare? Today, we're going to talk about the EVRYjourney compared to the Body Ease. Let's start with some core differences. One of those core differences is geometry. When you look at the Body Ease bike, this is a typical bike frame design. The pedals are straight below the seat. The seat tube comes straight down, and the hip is straight in line with the seat tube, the pedals, and the seat. On the EVRYjourney, now this is actually a forward-peddling-designed bike. The pedals, the seat tube is actually angled forward, which shifts the pedals forward about three inches. Now, this gives a whole different riding experience. Pros and cons and differences to both.

In terms of the typical ride, the Body Ease style is going to give you the ability to have more leverage down on the pedals. If you're looking for comfort and you maybe want to go faster or you like speed, the Body Ease would probably be a better option than the EVRYjourney because having those pedals straight below your hip and straight below the seat tube, you're going to be able to get the maximum amount of thrust peddling downward with that geometric setup. Now, on the EVRYjourney with the pedal shifted forward, you're not going to be able to get as much thrust on the downward pedal stroke, but you're exchanging that for a little more comfort and relaxation because you're shifting your hips forward. It's relaxing the legs and the hips a little bit more. It's putting you in a really, really relaxed, comfortable position. However, shifting the pedal forward is definitely taking away from the power that you can generate.

Another big difference between EVRYjourney and Body Ease is really going to be the ability to peddle up hills. If you are going to be doing major hills and you may need to stand up, I will say, the EVRYjourney is not ideal for standing up while pedaling uphill. If these are minor hills and you don't need to stand up, EVRYjourney is great, but if you are going to be standing up or you want to get more intense workouts and stand up, the Body Ease is going to be a better option, because again, the pedals will be straight below that down tube. You can stand up like normal and go uphill. On the EVRYjourney, it's not impossible to stand up and pedal. However, if you do, you have to lean your body forward to try to get your body positioned over that pedals. It can be a little bit of a cumbersome riding position, and for a novice rider, I really wouldn't advise trying to do that. I would say if you're looking for comfort and you think you may need that capability, go with the Body Ease.

That in itself is one of the most major differences between the two models. The other major difference that adds to the geometric riding position is the handlebars. The EVRYjourney has these big sweeping handlebars that come into your body, and this allows your upper body to be in the maximum comfort position. You've got your hips forward, your hands here. There's less tension on any joint in your body on the EVRYjourney. Again, the handlebars come in, you don't even have to extend your arms or flex your arms. They're going to come into you. A huge benefit from a comfortable position.

The only downside, again, is you won't be able to get as much leverage or torque on the handlebars. If you need to pull up or ride fast, do things like that. On the Body Ease, you've got the handlebars more out in front like this. Now, that's going to tense up your arms just a little bit more than the riding position here. EVRYjourney, you can really just slump your shoulders and sit into the handlebars. Body Ease, out in front. You're going to have a little more tension on the shoulders, on the arms, things like that. Still comfortable, but definitely a different riding position than the EVRYjourney and feels a little bit different.

The benefit with this riding position is you can get a little bit more power out of it. If you're riding up a hill, you can push down on the handlebars, put your weight down on the handlebars. Little trickier on the EVRYjourney. You can pull up a little bit more. You can also have a little bit tighter steering on the Body Ease.

When you look at them, both comfort-based bikes, but the Body Ease may perform... well, actually, will perform better if you're looking for more speed or a little bit more aggressive riding. If you're looking for absolute relaxation on a bike and comfort, I like the EVRYjourney, and the EVRYjourney can go through different terrains. It's just going to put you in more of a comfort-based position than the Body Ease.

Comparing the two in terms of the terrain, identical. You can pretty much take both bikes on the same terrain. Paved surface, hard-packed trails are my two suggestions. Gravel trails tend to be okay too so long as it's not huge chunky gravel. You want to be careful of popping a wheel, or you also don't want the wheels to sink into the gravel. It needs to be sort of harder-packed gravel. Soft gravel, the wheels will probably sink in and become too hard to pedal, but the tire thicknesses are about the same. You're not going to experience much difference on that. They're both going to have a cushy feel because they are thicker-based tires. They're going to absorb the shocks and the bumps riding over curbs and things of that nature. Similar again on that front.

On the seat front, different seats. The EVRYjourney has more of a bucket seat, so it's going to really cup your rear end. It's still a comfortable, different feel whereas the Body Ease saddle is more of a flat, bubble-based seat. The difference there, again, personal preference. I actually personally think both are equally comfortable. The EVRYjourney, if you can find the right adjustment point and it fits your butt shape really well, tends to be very comfortable. On the Body Ease, again, it's got a little narrower of a cut seat, so depending on the shape of your rear, it may be comfortable, it may not. Again, that's actually a minor detail in the whole equation, because it's more about the geometry. If you don't love the seat, you can always replace the seat. You can customize the seat and change the seat, but again, stock out of the box, there is a difference there.

The reason we did that is on the Body Ease, again, with a little bit more performance-minded, we made a little bit smaller, narrower cut saddle just to cut down on the amount of weight and things like that on the Body Ease versus the EVRYjourney.

Looking at the rest of the bike, you've still got colored rims. Aesthetically, very similar. The quality of the bikes matches up in terms of the highest level Body Ease matches up quality level to the highest level, EVRYjourney. Then we move into our second-tier models, the consistent bikes. Those are the same quality as well. Both are aluminum frames for the highest-level ones.

I think that pretty much sums it up. The pedals and everything is similar. The cranks and everything is similar. I don't think you're going to notice much performance-based.

Ah, then the last difference. When you're talking about the women's frames, not the men's. The men's frames, neither of them are going to have a step-through height. Actually, we do now offer... I take that back. We do now offer a Body Ease for men in a matte black that does have the step-through height. On the EVRYjourney, we do now offer a matte black men's that has the lower curving tube. Typically, the men's frames have the higher curving tube, but now we do offer the lower step through. So I take that back. This will apply to both men's and women's. The EVRYjourney has a little bit higher step-over height to get onto the bike, to step over the top tube. The Body Ease has a lower step through.

If getting on and off the bike is challenging or something you're concerned with, you may want to consider the Body Ease. However, with that said, you can keep the seat of the EVRYjourney lower and still have proper leg extension because of the forward pedaling. So on the EVRYjourney, it has a higher step-over top tube height, but it will have a lower seat height. On the Body Ease, you'll probably have to have the seat higher, but it will have a lower step-over height for the top tube. It depends on what's easier or harder for you. If you're more concerned with stepping over that top tube, then you probably should go with the Body Ease. If that's not as big a concern to you but getting on the seat is a concern, the EVRYjourney is a better option because you'll be able to keep the seat lower. Those are two really important things.

In terms of the gearing and the distances and the riding, I would say they're about the same. You can get both models in the three, seven, and 21-speed options. Even on the EVRYjourney, you could do a single speed. In terms of riding distances, both will be capable of the same distance. I think either can keep you in a good, comfortable riding position if you want to go 20-25 miles. If you're more concerned with speed, I would opt for the Body Ease, definitely.

I think that sums up most of the key points. If you have any other specific questions about differences between the EVRYjourney and the Body Ease, comment below or send us an email at theteam@sixthreezero, and of course, subscribe to our videos for more content and more information.

Don't forget, if you're looking for a bike for you, take our body fit quiz on our website. It will custom fit a bike to your body and your life, so we can get you on the right ride. We have a 365-day-test-ride-your-bike policy. If in 365 days, you don't love your bike, you can send it back. No questions asked. So don't forget. It's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.

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sixthreezero EVRYjourney vs Body Ease | Bike Model Comparison