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February 26, 2021
sixthreezero EVRYjourney vs Around the Block Comparing Bike Models
Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero. Today we're going to do a comparison video for you. I'm out at the San Juan Creek Trail in Dana Point, thought we'd get on location. We are going to compare the EVRYjourney to the AroundtheBlock. Stay with me.

Okay, so a lot of questions we get are about comparing the different models. Today we're going to compare the EVRYjourney to the AroundtheBlock. Now I will try to do this sort of non-gender specific, just talking on the model level. Most of the comparisons are fairly similar. If there's any difference, I'll point them out.

So I would say the major difference between these two bikes is really sort of the riding, which is the riding position and the geometry. When you look at the EVRYjourney, this is a forward peddling design, and the AroundtheBlock is a totally upright seated position. So what I mean by that, the AroundtheBlock seat tube goes straight into the pedals, and you're not forward peddling at all. You're peddling directly below your hips, right in line with the seat and the pedals. The EVRYjourney has an angled seat tube, so you're peddling about three inches in front of your hips. Now what does this do, what is it good for? Really what it does on the EVRYjourney, it puts you in an even more relaxed position and kicks your hips forward a little bit. Really makes that peddling position out front super comfortable on your hips and your body, and again, puts you in a more relaxed position.

Now, the AroundtheBlock, as I said, is straight up and down pedaling, pedals are straight below your hips. The difference is two things. One, on the AroundtheBlock you're going to be able to generate more power by having the pedal straight below your hip because your pedal stroke's going to be straight down below your hips. With the EVRYjourney it's slightly out front, so you're not going to get as much power generation by peddling out in front of your body.

Advantages and disadvantages to both. The advantage of the EVRYjourney is a little bit more comfort. Also, by moving the pedals forward it's going to allow you to keep the seat lower, which is going to enable you to probably get on and off the bike easier. And when you stop, you can actually have your feet flat on the ground while seated and still get ample leg extension while riding. And sorry, it's a little bright out here so I'm squinting a little bit.

The disadvantage to that is going to be going up hills on the EVRYjourney is going to be a little bit more challenging, because again, you're not going to generate as much power on the downstroke. Also, standing up to go up hills on the EVRYjourney can be a little bit challenging. Because of the forward pedaling, if you want to stand up to generate power you sort of have to lean forward on the bike. On the AroundtheBlock you can stand up and ride up hills easier. So if you're looking to go up hills more often, but you still want a cruiser comfort bike, I would recommend the AroundtheBlock for that versus the EVRYjourney. If you're going to do very light hills with minimal grade, and you're looking more for comfort and geometry and riding position and ease on the joints, I recommend the EVRYjourney.

Now looking at other comparisons, the AroundtheBlock has a little bit wider tire than the EVRYjourney. So the EVRYjourney is going to roll a little bit smoother on paved trail. However, the AroundtheBlock's got a little fatter tire, so it may absorb the bumps a little bit better, curbs, and things. Now you're talking about the difference of 0.2 inches, 0.3 inches. Not a huge difference, but I think you are going to get a little softer of a ride on the AroundtheBlock. We've made the EVRYjourney to be a little bit smoother and glide a little bit easier, so in terms of distance, if you're going farther distances you're going to have more efficiency on the EVRYjourney with the thinner tire versus the ATB. But both can obviously be ridden at distances.

And segues into the next point, they both come in the same speed options. So the single speed and both come, or all come... Sorry, they both come in single, three, seven, and twenty-one. And I got to put some sunglasses on because it's super bright. Now looking at other elements, the handlebars. Handlebars are exactly the same. They both wrap and come into your body, so they both have sort of the same relaxed grip position. Very easy on the shoulders and elbows. You're not having to reach, you really can just drop your arms and settle into the handlebars. So again, identical handlebar between the AroundtheBlock and the EVRYjourney. No difference there.

Now another feature when you look at the AroundtheBlock versus the EVRYjourney is the step-over height on the EVRYjourney women's is a little bit lower than the AroundtheBlock. Not huge, but a little bit. So if stepover is an issue for you and you're a woman, you should take a look at the EVRYjourney versus the ATB. On the men's level, we do have a men's version now in the EVRYjourney that has a lower step-over like the women's. In the AroundtheBlock men's we currently don't.

Now not to say a man can't ride a women's bike or a woman can't ride a man's bike, and whatever your color preference it doesn't matter. I'm talking typically in sort of what we know to believe as men's and women's colors and shapes, in the men's AroundtheBlock we only have a matte black and then the women's colors are more pastel. There are some neutrals, the navy, the cream. So no problem if a man or a woman wants to choose those different colors, but the frame size of the AroundtheBlock women's is a little bit smaller than the men's. So we do have an EVRYjourney in a men's frame with the step over. So again, if you're a man and step over height is something you're concerned about, the EVRYjourney men's step over in matte black may be an option. Or you can also ride the cream or the navy, the navy is a good neutral tone. The cream's also a neutral tone, just a suggestion. But generally speaking, EVRYjourney has a lower step-over than the AroundtheBlock.

Taking a look around the rest of the bike, on a seat level the EVRYjourney does have a more upgraded seat. They're both the same sort of seat, they're both a bucket-style seat. On the EVRYjourney though, we're using a little bit better foams, a little bit better stitching and material. It is an upgraded saddle. Whether or not you'll see the difference in the comfort is sort of up to the rider. I think both are soft. I think aesthetically the EVRYjourney seat wins out in terms of the material and the stitching. In terms of the foam, the foam on the EVRYjourney is a little bit denser. It's going to hold up a little bit longer. But again, the same style, which is the bucket saddle.

So I think the main points of difference on the EVRYjourney and AroundtheBlock are the riding position, the geometry, the difference in the forward peddling, and the not-forward peddling. The AroundtheBlock being a standard upright position, the EVRYjourney being a forward pedaling design. Also, the tire width is a big differentiator. In terms of riding and distance, both can be used on hard-pack trails because they do have thicker tires. EVRYjourney will perform a little bit better on paved surfaces, because of a smoother tread and a little bit thinner tire. And color selections, about the same across both of them. The AroundtheBlock, one thing the AroundtheBlock does not come standard with fenders, nor does it come standard... Or sorry, yes, just does not come standard with fenders. The EVRYjourney does come standard with fenders.

So some points of difference there. I hope that helps. If you've got any other questions or thoughts around differences, things like that, please comment below. We'll get back to your answer, answer you, or you can email us the Don't forget, subscribe to our channel to see more videos about riding, tips, and other information. And if you're looking for a bike for yourself, take the body fit questionnaire on our website. You're going to answer a few questions that is going to help fit a bike to your body and your needs. And in addition to that, we have a 365-day test ride your bike policy. So in 365 days if you don't love your bike, you can send it back, no questions asked, because we want you to love your bike. So don't forget, it's your journey, your experience, enjoy the ride.

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