Sixthreezero Bikes: The Best Electric Beach Cruiser Models 2021

December 16, 2020
Sixthreezero Bikes: The Best Electric Beach Cruiser Models 2021
Sixthreezero Bikes: The Best Electric Beach Cruiser Models 2021

Beach cruisers are vintage-style bikes perfect for easy rides along the shore or on relatively flat terrain. Take a closer look at several EVRYjourney and AroundtheBlock electric beach cruisers from Sixthreezero to pick the best beach cruiser bike to ride into 2021. 

Electric Cruiser Bikes for a Laid Back Ride

Beach cruiser bikes are known for a smooth ride, which is only enhanced by connecting a battery-powered 250 Watt or 500W Rear Hub Drive electric motor. Use a thumb throttle to control pedal assistance or ride with full electric power.

An e-bike with a 250W motor and rechargeable battery can reach top speeds of 15 miles per hour full electric and 24 mph in pedal assist mode. This build has a 15-mile electric range and can travel up to 30 miles with pedal assistance on a full charge.

A model with an upgraded 500W motor can travel 20 miles on full electric power or up to 40 miles with pedal assistance, reaching top speeds of 20 mph on full throttle or 28 mph on pedal assist. Find out more about the features of several Sixthreezero electric bikes to select the best model for the way you ride.

Sixthreezero Best 26 Inch Electric Bicycle 250W E-Bike Hybrid Cruiser Matte Black EVRYjourney

An electric bicycle with 26-inch wheels and a 250W battery-powered electric motor is a good choice for most casual riders. The geometry of this beautiful matte black frame allows cyclists who measure anywhere from five feet to six feet two inches in height to fully extend their legs while pedaling and put their feet flat on the ground when stopped.

A thumb throttle enables riders to adjust the motor power level. This bike travels at higher speeds and runs for longer on pedal assistance than full-electric power. The 250W motor allows riders to ride 15 to 30 miles on pedal assist, or for approximately 1.5 hours, with a top speed of 24 miles per hour. On full-electric power, the EVRYjourney 250W has a 15 mile range with a 15 mph top speed.

Sixthreezero Around the Block Men's 26" 500W 7 Speed Electric Beach Cruiser Bicycle Matte Black

The AroundtheBlock 500W is a beach cruiser with a motor that enables riders to travel further than the 250W version. In general, manual cruiser bikes have slower top speeds than hybrid bicycles. The upgraded motor in this version of the AroundtheBlock achieves a slightly higher top speed of 28 mph with pedal assist or 20 mph full electric and a longer range of 18 to 40 miles full electric or up to 60 miles with pedal assistance.

A seven-speed electric beach cruiser bicycle is a good choice for recreational riders and those seeking a reliable solution for neighborhood commuting. The quiet motor is integrated with hidden cabling. AroundtheBlock cruiser frame geometry provides a comfortable fit for cyclists from five to six feet tall, allowing for proper body alignment and full leg extension. Two 26-inch with 2.125-inch tires, fenders and front and rear disc hand brakes allow for a smooth ride

Sixthreezero AroundtheBlock 500W Electric Beach Cruiser Bicycle Mint Green

This fresh take on the AroundtheBlock 500W e-bike cruiser has a high-visibility pastel green frame. An upgraded rear hub drive motor provides the same speed and distance capabilities as this model in matte black. Travel 20 miles propelled by full throttle power on a charge or as far as 40 miles in pedal assistance mode.

The frame of this bike is ideal for visibility when riding in low-light conditions. The bright mint green shade of the frame is juxtaposed with a black foam-filled extra-wide saddle and soft synthetic leather handlebar grips in the same shade. AroundtheBlock is a perfect electric bike for errands or short to moderate commutes, particularly with a 48V 20.8AH battery and 500W motor. Thumb throttle controls make it easy to adjust the amount of power to assist pedaling or fully power this beach cruiser with seven speed derailleur and front and rear hand disc brakes.

Sixthreezero AroundtheBlock 250W Electric Beach Cruiser Bicycle Teal

Another colorful shade of the AroundtheBlock in blue-toned teal with a 250W motor is a good choice for shorter rides. Casual riders can appreciate the stylish contrast of the teal frame offset by the black accents on this e-bike, and the 250W motor is adequate for covering distances up to 30 miles or 1.5 hours of riding time with pedal assistance or 15 miles or about 45 minutes on full electric.

The geometry of the AroundtheBlock beach cruiser frame with a seven-speed derailleur is ideal for riders from five to six feet in height. This bike can make riding uphill easier, though the range is more limited than the higher-capacity battery and more powerful 500W motor available for this frame style and other Sixthreezero electric bikes.

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney 26" 7 Speed Hybrid Electric Tricycle, 36V, 250W Cream

The EVRYjourney hybrid cruiser is also available as a seven-speed electric tricycle that has a 17” aluminum alloy frame powered by a 36V battery and 250W electric motor. It is a breeze to transport cargo or small pets in the large rear basket of this electric bike, which measures approximately 23 inches by 19 inches. The weight of cargo and other factors such as terrain can impact battery life, performance and range.

A quiet motor makes this tricycle a great choice for rides under 30 miles or 1.5 hours on pedal assistance or approximately half the range or ride time on full electric power. This bike also incorporates some of the best features of two-wheel and manual EVRYjourney bicycles, such as front and rear disk hand brakes and 26-inch wheels, which are paired with 1.95-inch tires for superior shock absorption.

Electric bike buyers should factor in the length of regular rides, type of terrain and weight of cargo. Commuters who regularly make long trips may want to consider charging opportunities during the day or buy backup batteries. Planning ahead when buying an electric beach cruiser bike can ensure an easy ride down the road.

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