Safety Advice For Bicycling Home From Work At Night

October 03, 2018
Safety Advice For Bicycling Home From Work At Night
Safety Advice For Bicycling Home From Work At Night

There are many advantages to commuting to work on a bike that can’t be denied: you will avoid parking woes, burn calories, and reduce your carbon footprint. But what about the ride home? There are unique concerns for cycling home at the end of the day when you’re tired and the sun is setting. There are even more considerations when it’s altogether dark. Here are three tips to bicycling home from work at night:

  1. Assume You Can’t Be Seen

When you’re biking at night, you should always assume that cars can’t see you. You may think that a bright orange jacket will signal your presence to passing vehicles, but on dark streets, you could still be invisible. Add as many lights and reflective surfaces to your body and your bike as you can. Front and rear bike lights, flashing wheel lights, and reflective tape on the back of your jacket are a good start. You can also equip yourself with gloves that have a reflective stripe and a headlamp.

  1. Reconsider Your Route

Rides that are safe and sound in the morning light could become more treacherous after dark. Consider altering your way home so that you’re on more lit bike paths and in designated bike lanes. If there is a narrow road with a tough hill that you usually take home, look for a route home after dark that will allow you to travel on a wider street. Finding a new way to go is easy, thanks to Google Maps’ bike path feature and other apps that direct cyclists to the bike lanes and paths in their area.

  1. Slow Down

At the end of a long workday, all you want to do is get home as soon as possible. It’s understandable that you want to put the pedal to the metal and make your way to your couch swiftly. But dark conditions call for more care. Slow yourself down, especially at intersections and going around corners.

Remember that unexpected obstacles, such as a pothole or fallen tree branch won’t be visible from a great distance in the absence of sunlight. If you are resistant to knee pads on the way to work, it may be worth it to wear them on the way home when a sudden crash could, unfortunately, be more likely.

Biking home from work is a great way to unwind after a series of mind-numbing meetings or emails and tough client conversations. Just make sure you practice these bike commuter tips for safety and have the right bike. Having a bicycle built to handle city terrain is key to a smooth commute. Here are some good places to start in your hunt for the right bike:

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