From Road Bicycles To Mountain Bikes: Cycling Events Around The World

May 11, 2017
From Road Bicycles To Mountain Bikes: Cycling Events Around The World
From Road Bicycles To Mountain Bikes: Cycling Events Around The World

Once you’ve been introduced to the world of cycling, it won’t be long before you embrace the culture of the fun and adventurous cycling community. The best part about being a member of this community is the opportunity to ride together at cycling events around the globe. Whether you’ve got road bicycles or mountain bicycles, the adventures are limitless.


Inspired by the weekly ciclovia event in Bogota, CicLAvia is a 501c(3) nonprofit with a mission to transform public spaces into car-free streets for a day of active transportation. This event brings the community together to strengthen the relationship among neighbors and friends. Streets in Los Angeles are temporarily closed off for Angelenos to enjoy as a public cycling space for one day only. Since 2010, more than one million people have participated in CicLAvia. Grab a group of friends, hop on your road bicycles and get ready for a day of fun.

MTB World Championships

If you’re into mountain biking, you won’t want to miss the MTB World Championships. The race includes four-cross, downhill and cross country and gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded to the top three in each discipline. The event is organized by the Union Cycliste Internationale, and the first championship was held in Colorado in 1990. The venue for the championship is in a different country each year making for a new and exciting journey. If you enjoy mountain biking, but aren’t at the competitive level, go attend as a spectator and rent a bicycle to see the sights while you’re there.

Rapha Rides

Organized by Rapha Cycle Clubs, Rapha Rides were created to inspire gatherings for cyclists around the globe. Rapha Rides occur throughout major cycling cities and each event boasts a Rapha retail space with Cycle Club gear and a cafe for coffee and food. Join the club and participate in rides with your local chapter. The trips can take place at famous cycling spots or rural paths that have yet to be explored. What’s better than a fun group of friends on road bicycles headed off on a new journey?


For 10 days, mountain bikers come together for competitions, music and entertainment for Crankworx World Tour. The tours makes stops in New Zealand, France and ends in Whistler, British Columbia. From cycling legends to newbies, the community of mountain bikers gather for events in slopestyle, downhill and enduro disciplines. Whether you are new to the mountain biking community or a veteran, Crankworx is a fun and entertaining cycling event.

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From Road Bicycles To Mountain Bikes: Cycling Events Around The World