Bike Riding Along PCH In So Cal

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February 13, 2017
Bike Riding Along PCH In So Cal
Bike Riding Along PCH In So Cal

Just the words “Pacific Coast Highway” are enough to conjure images of sun-soaked Southern California beaches, tan beauties, and the good life. Luckily, there is still truth in that axiom. There is also perhaps nothing more typical of Southern California than mixing exercise and the beautiful outdoors, which is why having a beach bicycle is so appropriate for this region. It is also why you should check out sixthreezero and find the best beach cruiser for you.


Much of the PCH boasts bike paths, and nearly all of it boasts unspeakable beauty. Furthermore, the ideally warm climate allows for almost year-round biking and exercise, so choosing the right two-wheeler is key. It is important to realize that though the pace here is chill and relaxed, there are also some steep climbs and precipitous drops from time to time. Consequently, while some may opt for the simplicity of a single speed beach bicycle, a good argument could be made for a beach cruiser with gears. Here you can see the broad range of sixthreezero’s best beach cruisers.

Single Speed Beach Bicycle

Not every journey is about pushing yourself to physical exhaustion, and such is the case sometimes when you want to enjoy a trip as breathtakingly beautiful as one along the PCH. In these cases, you will want to have a great, single speed beach bicycle to propel your forward at one easy speed, without having to even switch gears or use a hand brake if you so wish. What could be simpler than pedaling forward to go forward, and pedaling backward to stop? Well, actually, choosing the right single speed beach bicycle is that easy, too. Check out sixthreezero’s lineup of single speed beach bicycles.

Beach Cruisers With Gears

Then again, some people like blending their picturesque journey with a good, old-fashioned, sweat-inducing workout. In biking language that means choosing a beach cruiser with gears. These upright two-wheelers are built for comfort, with strong, heavy frames, large balloon tires, and thick, plush seats. Thanks to sixthreezero, though, you don’t have to trade in efficiency for that comfort, as we also offer a wide array of beach bicycles in three and seven speeds. These bikes can make your travel up and down those slopes a bit more exhilarating. See all of sixthreezero’s offerings here and here.

Whether you like your beach bicycle entry-level, or more advanced, single speed or outfitted with multiple, sixthreezero has the best beach cruiser for you.

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Bike Riding Along PCH In So Cal