How To Properly Store Your Bike For Short And Long Periods

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February 23, 2017
How To Properly Store Your Bike For Short And Long Periods
How To Properly Store Your Bike For Short And Long Periods

Whether you are taking a break from riding your bicycle for a short or long period of time, it is important to think ahead about how and where you plan to store it. This is key because this requires more than a place to leave it. It also means doing a number of things before you store your bike so that you minimize any ill effects of not using it for a period of time. These apply to all types of two-wheelers, including classic cruiser bicycles, coaster bicycles, and hybrids, as well as your beach bike accessories.

In the Short Term

Storing your bike for a short period of time is not much different than storing it for a long time, although it requires one or two less steps. First, make sure the bike is clean. You do not want to leave any dirt or corrosive material on the frame, as that could eat away at it while you have it in storage. Consequently, you should wash it well. Similarly, you should dry it well, as you will not want moisture left on the bike to encourage rust. Third, either give it a tune-up or at least make sure the chains and breaks are well oiled so they do not dry out while being off the road. Then, find a safe, dry place to store it. In this case, it is not imperative to store it indoors, but make sure it is covered with a bike cover or under cover, or both. Finally, detach all non-standard beach bike accessories from the frame, including water bottles and computer accessories, so they are not adversely affected by cold or environmental issues. Check out SixThreeZero’s full collection of accessories.

In the Long Term

If you plan to pack your bike away for the winter or an extended period of time, you will have to take additional steps. Naturally, do all of the things listed above, including detaching all beach bike accessories. In addition, once the bike is clean and dry, you should also get a full tune-up to safeguard against any lingering small issues becoming more serious. Plus, getting a tune-up at the end of the season will have you ready for the road while bike mechanics get backed up with everyone else’s bicycles. Also, make sure you have an indoor space to store your bike to keep it away from moisture and cold. Check out all of sixthreezero’s amazing men’s and women’s bikes.

No matter what type of bike you have, make sure you leave it clean, dry, and in good operating order before you put it away for any period of time. You’ll be glad you did when you are eager to get back on it again. Remember, too, that sixthreezero lets you build your own bike.

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How To Properly Store Your Bike For Short And Long Periods