Mountain Bikes for Sale: The Best Places to Find One

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February 12, 2019
Mountain Bikes for Sale: The Best Places to Find One

Mountain Bikes for Sale: The Absolute Best Time To Shop

Mountain bikes for sale can be a challenging feat to find. At sixthreezero, we realize this. So, here are some ideas to help you find a mountain bike on sale. One thing I'll start by saying is there are key times of the year that most retailers, put items on sale. The same applies to bike retailers and mountain bikes.

So, I would say, number one, if you're looking to buy a mountain bike on sale, try to buy that bike either on:

  • Memorial Day
  • The Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Cyber Monday
  • Or Black Friday

Sometimes Veterans Day can be a prime time as well for most bike stores or mass market stores. For instance, a Walmart would be a place to consider. Ideally, they should have some kind of offer going on which would apply to mountain bikes.

I would say in particular for bike stores if you want to find a mountain bike on sale, look in a bike store after Labor Day. This is anytime from September until about November. Bike stores put a lot of their model year inventory on closeout. This is standard as they get ready to receive new models for the following year. This process is similar to buying a car. If the 2018's are being released, that means they are expecting the 2019's. As a result, they'll mark down the older model to try to get rid of their inventory. It's the same thing with finding a mountain bike on sale.

How To Find Mountain Bikes Via Closeout Websites

In addition, there are some closeout websites you could look for. A good option to check out a website called They're not a mountain bike-specific retailer, but they do sell mountain bikes. Therefore, they may have some deals on it. There are also some flash sales. I would say you may find some mountain bikes on sale at some of the discount websites like Woot. I've also seen them on "Touch Of Modern" before as well as Groupon Goods.

Now, these are going to be harder to find mountain bikes on sale. This is because you'll have to pay attention to when the sales come and go and what products are being fed into them. But if you're in the market for finding a deal and hunting, I would say you can do it, you might have to be more patient for a better deal to come your way.

sixthreezero's Mountain Bike Launch

sixthreezero does not manufacture or sell mountain bikes. And there are a few good reasons for that. The major reason is we're a comfort-focused company. Our goal is to make bikes geared towards a relaxing rider experience. And as we built the company, we decided that we wouldn't play in the space of mountain bikes. This is because mountain bikes are generally not geared for rider comfort. Instead, they're geared for performance within mountainous areas or rough terrain. And for us as a brand, we would rather focus on providing riders with the most comfortable ride possible. Especially when it comes to riding on paved environments or hard packed trails.

We don't carry the expertise on designing mountain bikes. Based the performance mountain bikes should have. It's a difficult task to make mountain bikes comfortable for the rider. With that said, I can't tell you if in the near future we may or may not tackle the production mountain bikes. If we find a way to implement comfort into the design then the chances are high. But as of today, we'd rather spend our time designing bikes that can provide a new standard in rider comfort.

The Best Mountain Bike Retailer Deals

It's most common for brick-and-mortar bike stores to list mountain bikes for sale. Usually at the end of the biking season, which is anytime after Labor Day. And the season usually starts around April 1st. If you're in a warmer climate, such as California or Florida. Bike riding season can start as early February.

It's typical for stores to put all their year-end model closeouts on sale from Labor Day till the end of the year. This is custom as they wait for newer models to come in. It's also typical to see things on sale throughout the year on major holidays listed above. Those are all days you'll see inventory on sale.

However, I would say for bike shops, it's less common to see things on sale on those holidays. A lot of those holidays fall in the bike riding season. As a result, more stores will keep prices high as they know more people want to ride. And the number of bikes on sale increase post season. This is because in post-season the stores left with a lot of bikes. They will gonna need to sell those going into the slow time. So if you want to find mountain bikes on sale at a brick-and-mortar store, check it out after the season. This period lasts from Labor Day to about the end of the year.

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