Mountain Bike Parts: How to Find the Best Shop

February 12, 2019
Mountain Bike Parts: How to Find the Best Shop

Mountain Bike Parts Essentials

Mountain bike parts aren't typically offered by sixthreezero. However, we can speak on the essential parts for mountain bikes. This is because the essential parts of a mountain bike are the same as a cruiser, comfort, or hybrid bike.

The bikes that we manufacture here with our company consist of all the core components. Parts such as seats, handlebars, frames, and forks. From pedals to wheels and spokes, you name it and we make it. What's specific to mountain bikes, in particular, is their front and rear suspension.

How Mountain Bikes Differ from Other Bikes

Another key differentiation is the braking system. Some mountain bikes use hydraulic brakes, disc brakes, and even caliper brakes. The brakes used are important for the type of mountain biking you plan for. If you enjoy downhill riding you're going to need a specific type of break versus going uphill or flat land. The same holds true for any heavy trails or off-road terrain. Adding to that is tire size. We've seen in the last few years, that the 27.5 and 29-inch mountain bike tire sizes have become the most popular. There's always different trends coming out each year so this is something to be aware of.

The last difference between mountain bikes and other types of bikes is the gear system. Different gear systems are dependent on whether they're going uphill or downhill. When buying mountain bike parts, some things to keep in mind are in the realm of replacements. If you're replacing a part on your existing mountain bike. You will want to ensure that the part you're buying is of equal quality. It can be a horrible experience if you've bought a $1,000 mountain bike. And you go to your local bike shop and they replace a part that isn't of the same level of craftsmanship. Especially if you've invested in that bike from the get-go.

Why You Need a Mountain Bike Specialist

When buying replacement parts, unless you're a skilled mechanic, find a trustworthy mechanic. You can find one to install mountain bike parts at your local bike shop. The reason I say this is because mountain bikes are performance bikes. If you're riding it in rough terrain and applying high levels of torque on these parts. You want to make sure they're installed and greased correctly. This way your bike is able to operate at peak performance. If they're not, you're putting harm's way. The danger is more amplified during downhill riding. Hence, it's important to keep in mind installation and replacement when buying a bike.

I encourage you to find a mountain bike specialist when searching for parts. Especially if the price point of the bike that you're putting these parts on is over $500 or $600. With these bikes, you want to make sure that you're dealing with authority on mountain bikes. There's a lot of bike shops out there, but they don't all specialize in mountain bikes. As a result, they may not be providing the best information when it comes to parts. This will help you make the right decision for future purchases.

The Best Place for Mountain Bike Parts

A good place to get replacement mountain bike parks would definitely be your local bike shop. While I can't speak about any specific shop, there are a couple thousand bike shops across the United States. I can say with great confidence to look for a local bike shop that puts emphasis on only mountain bikes. This will guarantee the best selection of parts versus a general dealer with all types of bikes. Also, the general dealer would have a limited selection of parts for your mountain bike needs.

In addition, there are places to look online. I'll provide you with two different resources to start your search. There's one website I know, There's also a site called J&B Importers, they're a wholesaler. However, you might be able to look up parts on there and at least get an idea of the parts you'll need. Then you could search them online and find them from multiple sellers. So those are two resources online, J&B Importers and Nashbar. You can also use Amazon. But I wouldn't recommend them if you're looking for a performance-oriented bike. In this case, you would be better off looking for a specialty mountain bike retailer online.

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