Los Angeles Beaches By Bike: Best Spots To Stop When Biking Redondo to Venice Beach

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November 29, 2017
Los Angeles Beaches By Bike: Best Spots To Stop When Biking Redondo to Venice Beach

Whether you live in the City of Angels or are simply visiting Los Angeles, do yourself a favor and get a bike to ride the strand. Biking from Redondo to Venice Beach is a cycler’s dream, offering up miles of concrete for the best beach biking adventure ever. Before you start bike riding at the beach, it’s important to plan your path to make the most of your journey from Redondo Beach to Santa Monica. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of the best destinations to check out along your route when riding the Venice Beach bike path.

Redondo Beach

The first stop on your biking journey is Redondo Beach. It is one of the three Beach Cities located in the South Bay region of LA. This area is a cultural blend of neighborhoods, activities, and people.

Hermosa Beach

Hop from one pier to another along this lazy beach. It’s about several hundred meters until you reach the easy rolling of Hermosa Beach on 35th Street. Here, the bike lanes will split and continue straight down Hermosa Avenue. Enjoy the slow pace here, grab some food and cocktails, and enjoy the golden stretches of sand and surf as far as the eyes can see.

El Porto and Manhattan Beach

The unique juxtaposition of sand and surf along with the industrial architecture of the Chevron Oil Refinery make for a picture-perfect moment. These beaches also offer scenic sand to stretch out and soak up the sun for a mid-afternoon nap.

From here, it’s a straight shot to the famous Manhattan Beach Pier. There is tons of foot traffic here, so we recommend you park your bike and set out on foot. This pier is the ideal blend of bustle and simplicity.

Dockweiler State Beach

Bonfire pits and LAX air traffic make this stop a unique stretch of The Strand. The entire beach is dotted with large fire pits that are open to the public. While you’re roasting weenies for lunch, watch the planes take off and land from nearby LAX airport.

Playa Del Rey

Take a cruise to this relaxed little beach-front community to grab a bite to eat before you hit the trail. While one of the smallest and most underestimated beach communities along your ride, it’s the ideal place to pull over and grab a snack. Try a burger from The Shack or homemade pasta from Caffe Pinguini Italian Restaurant.

Venice Beach

Once you get to the crown jewel of your trip, Venice Beach, check out the artists, street performers, boutiques, and the huge selection of restaurants that await you. Grab a bite at the laid-back James’ Beach restaurant for some real yummy comfort food or sink your teeth into the burgers and brunch at the Bohemian outpost called 26 Beach.

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