Long Beach Shoreline Bike Path: What You Will See & Where To Stop

September 05, 2018
Long Beach Shoreline Bike Path: What You Will See & Where To Stop
Long Beach Shoreline Bike Path: What You Will See & Where To Stop

If you have a custom cruiser bicycle collecting dust in SoCal, it’s time to put your two-wheeled chariot to use. The Long Beach Shoreline Bike Path is a 3.1-mile path just outside of Los Angeles that is perfect for cyclists of all skill levels. The scenic path weaves along the coast, offering you stellar views and ocean air along the way. Here is what you need to know about cruising the Shoreline Bike Path:

The Experience

Completed in the late 1980s, The Shoreline Bike Path is 17 feet wide and hugs the coast nearly the entire way. The concrete bike path starts across from Alfredo’s Beach Club in the east and ends near the Rainbow Lighthouse on Shoreline Way in the west.

As you coast along the popular pedestrian path, you’ll ride on the two 6-foot lanes designated for bicycles, near the 15-foot lane for walkers and joggers. The terrain is flat and easy, so the experience is more “take out your cruiser for a leisurely Sunday ride” and less “saddle up for a sweaty uphill climb.”

What You’ll See

You will see plenty of Pacific Ocean along your bike ride on the Shoreline Bike Path – the ride rarely juts away from the coast. If you depart from the west, take a few good photos of the lighthouse before you set out from the Shoreline Aquatic Park area. You’ll soon pass the beach volleyball courts and head toward Junipero Beach. On your left, the Long Beach Museum of Art and Bluff Park are milestones on the way to the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier. You’ll also see Rosie’s Dog Beach just before concluding your trip at 54th Pl. near the Alamitos Peninsula.

Where to Stop

The bike ride is short, but if you want to make an afternoon of the journey there are plenty of places to stop for a drink or to explore the neighborhood. Don’t forget to stop at the Bixby Passageway Tunnel Mural near Junipero Beach or cruise just off course to have a picnic at Bixby Park. Cool off with a beer at Belmont Brewing about half-way through the trip, or park your bike at the pier and partake in some fishing or a relaxing walk to the end of the pier. If you make the journey a round-trip excursion, the Yard House and Parker’s Lighthouse both offer dining on the beach back at the west end of the bike path.

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Long Beach Shoreline Bike Path: What You Will See & Where To Stop