Kinesiology Expert Christine Delighted by These High Tech Bikes

Choosing a Bike
March 25, 2019
Kinesiology Expert Christine Delighted by These High Tech Bikes

Kinesiology Knowledge Validates sixthreezero Design

I'm sitting on a massage table because today I'm here with Christine Ryan, owner of OC Athletic. She's a massage certified CMT also has an undergrad degree in kinesiology. She's an expert in and knows how to take care of the body. So today we're here to talk with her about her expert opinion on the EVRYjourney Touring Hybrid Bicycle. We want to find out how this bike good for somebody who doesn't want to experience pain while riding. They may have an injury and wants to get back into riding. We're finding out why is this bike good for posture how it does that. So Christine, thanks for being here. Christine is a hardcore triathlete. She also does road races. She's got bikes well north of a thousand two thousand three thousand dollars. Her opinion on this bike is going to definitely be valid. She'll also talk to us about the differences between a hunched over riding position. Also, where you're upright comfortable. She will confirm what this is good for and what the more expensive bikes are good for.

Riding Position and Work Considerations

So you've ridden the bike and you're also six foot tall. So that's an interesting perspective. we've always said at sixthreezero that these bikes are kind of good for a wide height range. Christine is proving at the top of the spectrum. One thing about from going from a desk job to somebody that has been writing for a long time. they're always in that hunched over position. So their pecs close off their shoulders or roll forward. Their mid-back to lower back is a little bit weaker. After about 20 miles after riding that I start kind of hunching over myself. So it was nice to be able to be a little bit more upright on this bike. And not have my shoulders in this position all the time. To have a little bit more relaxed and have that upright position. The contour of the seat allowed me to do that and was comfortable. My butt didn't go numb. After 20 or 30 miles something like that happens on my road bike a lot. Then this is a little bit off the kinesiology wall. I love that this one at least had gear shifters because you have several options. You have one option that was a single speed. I chose the three speed because I didn't want to go too fast. Then they had a little bit more light play. So if I am going uphill, I can downshift and be able to spend my legs a little bit faster. Then if I was wanting to go when I was going down he'll be able to upshift and get a little bit more speed with this. So it's an upright riding position that I appreciate.

sixthreezero Bikes Don't Leave You Sore

This relates to how you take care of the body. This bike will not leave the body as sore. Let's say that as a bike that's up to them leaning a little bit forward. We're always leaning, whether we're texting or at a desk. A lot of everything that we're doing now does promote this kind of a forward hunch. We'll call it the hunchback, almost so the fact that we're getting one. I always want people to like my suggestions. Suggestions like to bring their phone up instead of having that text neck. So they can have that straight spine that a kinesiology expert recommends. This bike also facilitates you doing that so instead of being in that hunched over position. It's more comfortable for you to open up that chest. You can almost undo the hunched board position that our lives are in. So if everyone rode this bike every day, you'd be out of a job. No chilly and then the handlebars. So they keep the shoulders relaxed and the wrists relaxed. You feel a difference between riding this bike and a road bike and after. There's less pain on a bike like this. Everything's a transition so if you do have that tension board position. You're it's going to take a little bit of time to actually get this. I definitely feel that over time this bike would be better for your spine. You're going to have less pain over time. It almost undoes all the damage that you're doing to your body being in that forward position.

A Bike To Help with Surgery Recovery or Rehab

We've always suggested that this bike is good for someone who either had knee surgery or needs kinesiology rehab. This is because after surgery I always suggest that you don't want to put your full weight on something. And creating that movement especially in the knee it is beneficial. This is because it helps move the lymphatic fluid. You are able to rehab the muscles a lot quicker and build those bigger muscle groups. Then you can put some more weight on there. Also, it's not as impactful on the joint. Even though you're moving it, you're not putting that weight off the ground on it. You aren't using the knee as a shock absorber. I massage anywhere from the aches at normal aches and pains all the way to it like a repetitive motion injury. I definitely have a lot of weekend warriors. There are a few people I actually will recommend this bike for, it's great for people with arthritis. I recommend that people with arthritis bike. What this bike does well is that it's less impact on the joint. Then also the design of the bike meets your kinesiology needs. You have that full extension. Also, you don't want the joints to lock out. You can adjust it so like it's pretty easy, like if you made it a little bit higher. It's easy to do yourself. That's something I like. This is because you don't have to get your toolbox out to do that right and to play around with it while you're riding. So it's ergonomic for so many different people. That's the buzzword we're looking for, ergonomic.

Adjustability and Kinesiology

We like to talk about adjustability. There are cruisers and lifestyle recreational bikes versus road bikes. Many of these bikes don't have precise frame sizes. With this bike, you have a lot of flexibility to raise lower the seat tilt the seat raise lower the handlebars. Women, in this particular model, from 5 foot to 6’ 2” can have a comfortable fit on this bike. Now let’s talk about the seat. How does it feel and how the tailbone feels compared to road bikes? With road bikes, the seat is a little bit thinner so that's kind of more what I'm used to. So it was interesting being in that more upright position. I didn't feel it as much like there was rubbing. I didn't notice it a little bit. But there's a lot more cushion. It helped to have my butt resting a little bit more. On that, the tailbone. That's it, those sit bones. I always recommend people sit on their sits bones. This is because if you're not, you're getting back into that up-and-hunched-forward-position. Then you're tucking that tailbone. That pretty much sums it up.

Christine Puts Her Kinesiology Stamp of Approval on sixthreezero Bikes

Christine puts her stamp of approval on it. for everyone out there this is a great bike to keep your back from getting sore. You want to keep punching if you like road biking or you're a triathlete. You're going to choose a bike that's got you in that position. But you can come to get a massage. You can take care of those problems so that's it. Any other questions concerns, feel free to reach out at us at Also, there’s OC Athletic Massage. Come visit. You can reach us on our website Or call us, 310-982-2874. Or shoot us an email at Also, you can check out the EVRYjourney at the top navigation of our website. Browse over the women's bikes and take a look. Also, don't forget you can enter your dimensions your height and your weight and our body fit tool. Then you check out which bikes fit your body. If you can't find something, contact us. We'll customize something to fit you because our job at sixthreezero is to find a bike that's right for your body.

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Kinesiology Expert Christine Delighted by These High Tech Bikes