Kids And Bicycle Safety

April 29, 2019
Kids And Bicycle Safety
Kids And Bicycle Safety

Teaching kids to ride a bike grants them independence, a lesson in responsibility, and a new healthy habit. But there’s more to it than taking off the training wheels. Making sure your children understand how to ride safely could save their lives. From helmets to reflectors, bike safety for kids covers a lot of different types of terrain. Here are some tips to get you started:

Understanding Helmet Use

Wearing a helmet is a cornerstone of bicycle safety. Most states require that all children under the age of 18 wear a helmet whenever they ride, but not all helmets are created equally. A bike helmet should fit snugly, and not move if you tilt your head side to side. Make sure your children don’t wear hats under their helmets. Get a new helmet if your child outgrows their first one, and throw away a helmet if it is involved in a crash or fall.

Dressing the Part

Aside from helmets, there are other things that can keep kids safe on their bikes. Young kids may benefit from arm and knee pads as they learn. Kids of all ages should wear bright colors and reflective jackets as often as possible. This keeps them visible to drivers and other pedestrians. Make sure your kids aren’t wearing clothing that could get caught in bike chains, such as strings on their pants. And, never let kids ride barefoot!

Sticking to Safe Lanes

New riders should stick to the terrain you know is safe. Paved park trails are ideal for a family ride; car-less trails limit the risk for an accident. In areas where children are allowed to ride their bikes on a sidewalk, you should always encourage them to take advantage of the option.

If you live in a residential neighborhood and let your kids ride through cul-de-sacs along private streets, make sure they always ride with traffic and learn to be aware of approaching traffic.

Learning Hand Signals

Finally, hand signals are crucial to road safety. Teach your young cyclists how to use their arms to let cars and pedestrians know when they intend to stop or turn. These rules are not only helpful when navigating residential streets or bike lanes, but can also be good to use on park trails where they may encounter other bike riders.

Learning bike safety for children is of the utmost importance for your child’s two-wheeled journey. As a parent, you can outfit them in the best gear and clothing and teach them about responsible cycling. They have to take it from there.

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Kids And Bicycle Safety