Hybrid Bike: What Makes It Unique?

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February 12, 2019
Hybrid Bike: What Makes It Unique?

Hybrid Bike is Perfect for Recreational Riders

Hybrid bike selection means a lot at sixthreezero. We offer hybrid bikes because they're perfect for recreational cyclists. A big reason for that is because hybrid bikes are versatile. Also, there's a wide range of different hybrid bikes, from tire sizes, to frame sizes, to brake types. From recreational riding to lifestyle riding, hybrid bikes fit many niche riding styles.

As a recreational lifestyle bike company, we wanted a bike for different types of riders. Plus we wanted the best solution for varying types of riding environments. With hybrid bikes, not only are they versatile, but there are also specific hybrids for specific uses. That's important to us at sixthreezero because we're very focused on customization, as well as having a selection of bikes customized to specific rider needs and usages.

The Most Distinguishing Factors of Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes differ from some of the other bikes we offer. However, they do have a lot of similarities. In general, the term hybrid bike is exactly what it means. A hybrid bike is a mixture of different types of bikes. In essence, it combines different elements from many different types of bike. It may have the tires of a mountain bike, but the frame of a comfort bike. It may have the seat of a cruiser bike and the tires of a commuter bike. So a hybrid bike is a very general term for many different types of bikes. Especially for bikes that don't fit into a specific category.

When you look at hybrid bikes, I would say the number one reason why they differ from other bikes is due to size. Specifically the size of the tires and seats. Most times on a hybrid bike, you're trying to blend two elements of two specific categories that a rider may want.

The EVRYjourney: A sixthreezero Hybrid Bike

A good example would be one of our custom bikes, the "EVRYjourney". It marries the needs of both comfort and speed. In this case, it's neither a cruiser bike or comfort bike. The reason I say that is because the tires are narrower than a typical cruiser bike. Also, the seat is larger than a typical road bike or mountain bike. Since its neither style, this is why its classified as a hybrid bike. We created it to offer riders a bike that doesn't exist in the marketplace for a niche type of usage.

In the case of the EVRYjourney, it's designed to be the all-terrain all-purpose bike. In the EVRYjourney case, we're putting more emphasis on comfort than speed. But we could take another example, for instance, our "Reach Your Destination" model. In this case, we're using a large seat for comfort, which it differs from a typical commuter bike. Yet, we're using a thin tire which is uncommon for a typical cruiser or comfort bike.

How to Design Your Hybrid Bike

The design of hybrid bikes depends on the focus.

  • Are you designing it for speed?
  • What terrains will you be riding on?
  • Is with more comfort a non-negotiable for you?

The more things you try to blend into one is what puts it into this hybrid category.

There's no one distinguishing characteristic that makes a hybrid bike different. It's specific to each different hybrid bike that puts it into the hybrid category. Generally speaking, if you see a bike that uses a large seat but uses thin tires. It's taking one element of a cruiser and one element of a road bike. If you see a bike using thick, fat, industrial tread size tires, it is like a mountain bike. However, you're seeing a very large comfort cruiser saddle, you're seeing a hybrid of the two of those. So, when you think about our typical bikes like a cruiser, you're going to see:

  • Wider tires
  • Large saddle
  • Upright riding position

The same is true of comfort bikes. With comfort bikes, you'll see a narrow or a thicker tire. But not quite as thick as a cruiser. You'll also see a comfort saddle, a little large, but not as large as a cruiser. On a road bike, you'll see narrower seats and thinner tires. This is because it's designed for aerodynamics and speed. Mountain bikes feature wider tires, heavy-duty treads, and thinner more aerodynamic seats. A hybrid bike will differ from all these options because they don't follow protocols. Consequentially, it will be a mix and match of all those different bike types.

Finding a Hybrid Bike: How sixthreezero Can Help

sixthreezero can definitely help someone looking for a hybrid bike. But to backpedal, people that end up buying a hybrid bike most likely weren't looking for a hybrid bike. The number one way we can help someone find a hybrid bike that's right for them is to identify their needs. In our process, we establish:

  • If they are buying the bike for exercise purposes
  • Their desire to use the bike to commute
  • The average distance they plan to ride

In addition, we always verify what is most important to the customer. To do this we first identify the leading aspect of owning your bike. For instance, if you want speed, but also want to be comfortable we would recommend a hybrid bike. In this case, I'd recommend our Reach Your Destination. It's a blend of thinner tires with a large seat, resulting in comfort, but you can still ride fast. The best way to help someone is to identify their full needs. That's why we have a checklist and a questionnaire that we run through. It's about 10 questions. After answering those, it will lead us in the direction of which product is right for the customer.

Is a Hybrid Bike Right for You?

Better yet we have an online tool currently on our website called the "BodyFit 360" questionnaire. Anyone can take the quiz and our proprietary algorithm recommends a bike based on your use cases. The other piece of this is that it won't always mean a hybrid bike is the best choice. It depends, if you have a very wide or varying degree of uses or terrains you're gonna go in, a hybrid bike would be ideal. But, if you have a very specific use, where you only want comfort. And would be riding around the block for two miles, I would say a comfort bike is perfect.

Now, if this isn't your cup of tea then one of our experienced team members can work with you to make a proper recommendation. This process uses the same philosophy and questions.

Think About Your Uses

To the point of finding which hybrid bike is right for you to think about your uses. If you're riding on a hard pack trail, you might need a little wider tire. But if you want comfort you should opt for a wider tire with a wider seat. I would say go in the direction of a hybrid bike that has those features. If you know that you'll be riding fast and need comfort, then buy a bike with a thin tire, 21 speeds, an aluminum frame. It's light and it has a larger seat for comfort.

Moreover, the features on the bike are going to be specific and ideal for different uses. Thin tires are great for going faster and gaining speed on paved surfaces. Thicker tires are a little slower and more comfortable over bumpier surfaces. A thinner seat is faster but less comfortable, and more aerodynamic. A wider seat provides more comfortable, but less aerodynamics. If you can think about some of the features and blend them together in your head. As a result, it will make shopping for a hybrid bike simple and easy.

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