How To Store Your Bicycle: Best Bike Storage Solutions Defined

September 04, 2019
How To Store Your Bicycle: Best Bike Storage Solutions Defined
How To Store Your Bicycle: Best Bike Storage Solutions Defined

Finding the right bike is the fun part. Riding it on the open trail is the exhilarating part. Keeping it safe is the responsible part. Storing bikes can keep your favorite toy safe from theft and free from damage commonly caused by the elements (since as you know, rusty chains are no good). 

Whether you want to keep your bike outside or store it inside your downtown loft, there is a storage solution that will work. Let’s look at some of the best way to store bikes, bicycle racks, hooks, and more. 

Bike Sheds and Tents

Outdoor storage is a great option if you have the space. Your bicycle will be ready for grab-and-go rides, and what’s better than that? Unfortunately, leaving a bike outside often makes it vulnerable. There are two primary outdoor storage solutions that address both theft and weather. 

Bike sheds are the most secure option. They are often made of wood, aluminum, or hard plastic. You can find an outdoor bike shed for as little as about $150, though more aesthetically pleasing options run at higher price tags. Make sure you get a sturdy padlock because the lock is what adds security to this storage option. 

If you’re more worried about protecting your bike from wind and rain than it getting stolen, a bike tent may be a good way to go. Priced as low as about $35, a bike tent can tuck under a deck or sit against the back of your garage so it’s out of the way. Just unzip the tent and grab your bike, and you’re ready to hit the open road. 

Bike Hooks and Wall-Mounted Racks

If you’re an urban adventurer, you may need to store your bike indoors. Keeping a bike on your balcony may not be allowed, and most apartment buildings don’t make accommodations for bicycle storage. Thankfully, you have a few indoor storage options that keep your bicycle secure as well as out of your way. 

Bike hooks allow you to hang your bicycle by the wheel along any wall. On the downside, some models require the bike to jut out perpendicular to the wall, meaning they stick out into the room. You can usually solve this problem by putting the bike in a corner so the bike runs along the adjoining wall. The great news is bike hooks are as inexpensive as $20. 

Wall-mounted racks can turn your bicycle into wall décor. They usually hold the bike by the top of the frame, and many models can accommodate two bikes. Bike racks are priced similarly to bike hooks. 

Bike Hoists

If you have a garage, bike hoists (also called bike lifts or pulleys) are a smart way to store your bicycle. They allow you to hang the bike from the ceiling, so you can still park your car and the bike is secure behind the garage door. You can get a good bike hoist starting at about $40. 

Knowing how to store bikes is an important part of being a bike owner. Whether you store your bike indoors or outside, make sure you invest in good construction and security. 

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How To Store Your Bicycle: Best Bike Storage Solutions Defined