COVID-19 Outdoor Workouts Ideas & How To Practice Social Distancing During the Coronavirus Quarantine

March 23, 2020
COVID-19 Outdoor Workouts Ideas & How To Practice Social Distancing During the Coronavirus Quarantine
COVID-19 Outdoor Workouts Ideas & How To Practice Social Distancing During the Coronavirus Quarantine

This is an unsettling time for all of us. While it is both important and effective to stay inside, handling social distancing is a hard thing to do. The transition to working at home and avoiding social groups can feel unnatural so it is important that you take time to focus on your health. Everyone is in need of fresh air and sunshine at one point during the day, so make sure you do so! Is it safe to workout outside? Absolutely. As long as you are in an area where you can avoid interactions, you are safe to go. Exercising will help you stay sane and comfortable during trying times so read on to learn about working out during COVID-19. 


If you have a bike, take advantage of it. This is one of the best outdoor workouts for this time- it increases your cardiovascular fitness, improves joint mobility, and strengthens your bones, to name a few. Another plus is that bike riding for exercise is known to reduce stress levels. Getting your Vitamin D while gliding through your neighborhood is extremely calming. You are able to gain a peace of mind and escape from the nonsense. 

Go For a Run

If you are already a runner, this is a simple solution for you. If you are new to running, now is a great time to try it out! Running strengthens your lungs and immune system, which is crucial. In addition to strengthening your leg muscles, running releases endorphins while lowering your stress. It is extremely beneficial to your mental health and a great treat after being cooped up in home all day.


If you are lucky enough to find outdoor stairs near you, don’t pass up the opportunity to utilize them in your outdoor workout routine. Running uphill on stairs is functional strength training, hitting your entire body in the process. It burns calories in a short amount of time while increasing your metabolism.

Beach Sprints

Near a beach? Lucky you! The beach is an excellent place to get your outdoor fitness fulfilled. The sand is harder to run on in comparison to asphalt, allowing for more leg muscles to be utilized in the process. Go for a long run on the stretch or small sprints back and forth.

Jump Rope

Jump roping gets your heart rate up while helping to burn calories in a quick way, while improving your coordination. As well, it helps strengthen both your ankles and feet.


With unlimited space outside, lunges are an easy and effective outdoor workout. Lunge forward while keeping the rear leg close to the ground, then switch. This exercise tackles your legs, core, and back muscles. 

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