How To Change A Road Bike Tire And Adjust The Tire Pressure

December 03, 2018
How To Change A Road Bike Tire And Adjust The Tire Pressure
How To Change A Road Bike Tire And Adjust The Tire Pressure

Your road bike is there for you through thick and thin, but even the most reliable of bicycles will need maintenance. Tire changes are just par for the course. You could pay someone else to do it, but with a few minutes and some elbow grease, you can change a road tire in your own garage. Make sure you check the bicycle tire pressure, too. Low tire pressure will lead to a string of flats and reduce your efficiency.

Removing the Old Tire

First things first: You’ve got to get rid of that old tire. Turn your bike upside down (putting it on a blanket or tarp to avoid scratching if you care about that) and deflate the tire. Use a tire lever to take off one side of the tire; pull the bead away from the rim on the side opposite the valve and push the tool all the way around. You may need to insert one lever at the top of the wheel and leave it in place while you use the second lever to separate the rest of the tire from the rim.

Taking Out the Tube

With one side of the tire, beading pulled away from the rim, you should reach inside and take out the tube. With one bead separated and the tube gone, you can probably just pull the other bead off the rim and remove the entire tire. If you can’t use the tire lever on the other bead as well.

Putting the New Tire On

OK, so you got the old tire off and you’re ready to replace it. Align the tire’s label with the valve hole on your wheel. Push one bead onto the rim of the wheel. Inflate your new tube a little bit to give it some spring, and then work it into the tire. Push the other bead over the rim of the wheel. If you’re having trouble, try putting your hand into a fist and pressing firmly with your knuckles to roll the last bit of tire over the rim.

Checking the Tire Pressure

To ensure your new tires are worth the investment, check the bike tire pressure on your new road bike tire before you take them on their maiden voyage. As a general rule, a road tire should have pressure between 80 to 130 psi. If you’re 130 pounds or lower, you can get away with 80psi. Riders at 165 pounds should have 100 psi in your tires, and riders at 200 pounds and above 130 psi.

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How To Change A Road Bike Tire And Adjust The Tire Pressure