How Far Will Our eBike Go Without Pedaling?

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September 25, 2020
How Far Will Our eBike Go Without Pedaling?


But my friend wants something like this. This is cool. You can carry your stuff on the back.

Well, you can check it out. It's

Okay. That's the name of the company?


Is that your company?

Yeah. We're doing a little product video right now.

What's up, guys? Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero. Welcome to today's ride. We are going to do an e-bike ride. And what we're going to do today is we're going to ride the e-bikes till the batteries just cut out, until they die. So we're going to have Nate ride with me. He's behind the camera. Alana's going to be trailing along on the street in her car, just in case when the batteries die, she'll pick us up.

We got a 500 watt. I'm riding a lady's bike, but that's just because that's the only 250 watts. So we're going to give you an idea of how long will these batteries last. I'm going to go... We're going to try to just go full throttle. So no peddling at all. And we're going to track the odometers here. We're going to get our Strava going. And yeah, we'll just give you some output. So just so you know, I'll be on the 250 watts. I'm about 5'10", 215. Nate will be on the 500 watts. He's 5'8", 150. So the weight is going to play a role in the batteries, but we'll see. So will the hills. We want to basically see how many miles can we go zero pedaling. So I want to show you a couple of things.

If you guys do have the e-bike, you've got your display, obviously. I want to show you how to... Couple tricks. So one, you're going to hold the plus and minus down together. It's going to bring up this menu and you're going to see the first option here, it says "clear trip". So you push the middle button, power button, and then we're just going to hit that to yes. And then hit the power button. So now we've cleared the trip so you guys can see it will be at zero.

Then another thing, come down here to set LS and factory presets keep this actually below the max speed. In California, max speed without pedaling is 40, sorry, 20 miles an hour, which would be 40 kilometers an hour. So if you come in here, you can plus that all the way up to 40, that's going to be your max setting. You can do that on both the 250 and 500 watts. I will say on the 250 watts, I wouldn't advise running your motor at 20 miles an hour with just the throttle because it's not that powerful of a motor. Running it around maybe 17 max is a better idea.

So I'm going to dial this one back just a little bit since I'm on the 250 watts, we don't want to go full capacity on that and then just hit these. Bring me back. Oops. Sorry. We'll just hold that down. Now it brings me back and then you can see, we can just push here and it's going to tell us our trip. So we're at zero. And I know you're looking at my GoPro here. Nate forgot the GoPro attachments. So I've got zip ties, but it'll give the same effect. So roads? Where we're going, we do need roads. Let's ride.

Do that one more time. I got you out of focus.

Oh, roads? Oh, come on.

Roads? Where we're going, we do need roads. Let's ride.

We've got a pretty serious hill coming up here and we're just going to go full throttle up this baby. So I want to show you guys how easy it is. Just trying to keep the throttle down, no peddling. You can see Nate no peddling up there too. Here we go, almost at the top. Almost at the top.

Nice restaurant in Dana Point, Coastal Kitchen. Still got four bars though left on the battery. Just waiting for Nate. Here he comes. Get a headstart since he's got the 500. We've got another e-bike. E-bikes everywhere in California.

We're going to ride until the battery dies.

Oh, okay. So he's filming right now?

Yeah. Well, he's got one too. We're kind of, this is a 250 watt. That's a 500 watt. So I'm maxing out at about 16 miles an hour. He can go at about 21.

And then what do you think the battery life is while you're doing this?

We're going to find out. Yeah.

And when you go up and down hills, does that have an impact on the battery?

Oh yeah. We just came up that hill on PCH, right by Del Obispo, right where the Dana Point Bridge is, the overpass, and that knocked off a full bar on the battery, just coming up there. So yeah, I want to get an idea today of-

So if you just did hills, constant hills, you'd drain this thing?

It's just like an electric car. I mean I have an electric car too and I do the 73. It killed, it is double the mileage is how much it kills the battery. Yeah.

No, I know 73 real well. Yeah, that's a lot of ups and downs. Have a good day.

Yeah, you too. That's going to be great, dude. It was like he was interviewing me. We made it the first checkpoint. Monarch Bay Plaza. We're four miles in and one battery down. Are you a battery down? One bar down and then you can see the trip, we're at four miles and I've gone full throttle, no pedaling. We're just going to keep rocking and rolling.

All right. Checkpoint. We are now two bars down. You can see we're 6.1 miles in. I mean this is a crazy hilly section. I don't know if you guys have seen how much up and down there's been. It's killing our batteries. So at this rate, I mean, we're probably on pace to make it 15, 15 or so miles. I think if we can get to some flat ground, maybe farther to see the ocean out here. I don't know if you could pull up a little bit, there it is. All right. We should probably hit it, no cars. Let's do this.

Passing one of Laguna's beaches. Wow, we're picking up speed. 27 and a half. All right. We're basically downtown Laguna Beach, smells like funnel cakes and fried food. Smells like a vacation. Oh man, the food smells so good.

So we're both down to two bars. Come check this out. I just realized my front tire needs some air. Now again... Oh no, I'm back to three. And then you can see the trip about 10 miles. Now I have not peddled at all. Just the throttle right here. Same with Nate. 10 miles, no pedaling. And we'll see, I think I'm going to probably outlast Nate at this point. I'm hoping we can maybe hit 20 miles, but we'll see. I think if we get to flat ground, we'll be good. So up this hill into Newport will be flat ground. So stay with us.

See what our speed is on the sign. Oh, didn't pick us up. We are 12 miles into the trip. Still on PCH. See the sign up here. Four more miles to Newport, 20 miles to Long Beach. I don't think we're going to make it to Long Beach today. But look at that view. What a gorgeous day. We've got another beast of a hill coming up, but we're going to keep rocking, keep rolling. Here we go.

We are Newport Beach. You can see Newport coast up there, really nice neighborhood. 13 miles in, still at two bars. And we've just been getting hit with hill after hill, after hill and we're holding up. So we're going to see how far, I'm hoping we can make it no less than 16 miles and hopefully 20 if we can get some flat ground.

We are 15.2 miles into the trip. I'm still sitting at one bar left. Same with Nate. You can see the sign behind us. We are almost to Fashion Island, a well-known shopping center in Newport. I'm hoping we got another two to three miles left in the tank.

Nate is bowing out. His bike has hit a wall. I'm thinking... So Nate's on a sample bike. I'm on a production bike. I think it's possible we've had some battery issues with his bike just because it was a test run, but he got 15.7 miles at an average pace of 12.4 miles an hour for an hour, 20 minutes of ride time. And Strava tracks your actual movement. So when we stop, it's not tracking the ride time, but again, full throttle, zero pedaling. And I would say, we probably went up 20 hills minimum, some serious hills. You know what? We'll post a map on the ride. So actually you guys can see the elevation gains and inclines. Because I think that has a big bearing, but again, he was on the 500 watts. We'll shoot this again and we'll take these both to flat ground and see what we get.

So Nate was at 12.4 miles an hour and I'm at 11.6 miles an hour. So that alone, the one mile an hour difference in speed could probably have a huge effect on the battery life also. Nate's going to put the bike on the rack and I'm just going to keep going by myself. See how far we can make it.

I am still riding. Nate is now in the car and behind the camera. According to my tracker on my phone, we're at 19.4, we're at 20 on my thing here. And if you see, we've got one battery. We're deep into Newport, Balboa Bay Club right here. So the GoPro died. So, unfortunately, we won't have any more footage from me. I'll take this off. But it's like when your car gets down to that little bit of gas and you're like, don't you think you should fill the tank? But you just want to keep pushing it. And then it gets to zero. So I'm thinking we're close to zero, but we're going to risk it. So just keep going.

This journey has come to an end, my friends. We... Take a look at the battery here. It's blinking. Can you see that? It's flashing and we went 22.4, according to this and the ride time ignore. Says our average speed was nine. We slowed down towards the end, but check the Strava. So we made it 21.8, it died about 0.3 miles back. So we made it 21 and a half miles at 11.4 miles an hour for a total running time of one hour and 54 minutes. Now, I'm convinced of two things. One, we probably could have made it 35 miles, I'm guessing just the throttle if the terrain was different. So we're going to put up the map, show you the hills, just like an electric car those hills kill the battery. And secondly, how much power you are giving. The first half, if not more than half, I was giving full throttle the whole way. And there's a power meter here. You can't see it. But when you're riding, it'll show you the power meter. And I dialed that back a little bit to preserve the battery. We hit some flat terrain here.

So we're going to do this again. And we're going to get on flat ground. We're going to try to hit 40 miles, no peddling, zero peddlings. Look I'm dry. I feel great. Nate feels great. So I made it about five more miles than Nate. Although again, a sample bike battery, his bike should be able to perform about the same. He had one mile an hour faster, average pace. So that can drain the battery quicker.

But yeah, pleasantly surprised. You can see the beach out there. We're in the middle of Newport. We almost made it to Huntington, not quite. But stick around. If you like the content, subscribe to the channel. We're going to do more rides like this and check out the e-bikes on our website. Take the body fit quiz to find the right bike for you. And don't forget your journey, your experience, enjoy the ride.

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