How Far Can Electric Bikes Go | E-Bike Questions

April 28, 2021
How Far Can Electric Bikes Go E-Bike Questions
Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of Sixthreezero. Today, we're going to answer the question of how far can electric bikes go. Stick around.

All right, so today we're going to answer the question of how far can an electric bike go? Before we jump in, please hit the Subscribe button below. Stay in touch with us here at Sixthreezero, and also be in the know about all the contests we're doing. We're doing weekly, monthly giveaways for accessories, bikes, and e-bikes, so hit the Subscribe button so you can stay in touch.

All right, so let's jump in here and answer the question how far can electric bikes go? Now, this is a very broad question because there are so many different types of electric bikes, different motor sizes, and also full-throttle electric, or pedal-assist electric. So answering the question of how far can electric bikes go is very challenging, but I'll give you just some broad ideas of how far can electric bikes go.

Now some e-bikes have two modes, you can either do a full-throttle, or a pedal assist, or no motor at all. So simply put actually, if an electric bike has the ability to be ridden without the motor because it is a bicycle, then the answer to the question is infinite. Electric bikes can really be ridden infinitely, or so long as you're able to pedal the bike as far as you want. That's one of the benefits of an electric bike is if you lose power in the motor, you still have the ability to power it under your own strength.

Now, how far can an electric bike go with the motor? Let's talk about pedal assist. If you're just using the pedal assist, meaning the motor is assisting you in the pedaling, but you're also pedaling so you're not relying on the full motor, you're going to get way more distance out of the battery than if you were to just use the full throttle. When you're doing full throttle, you're relying 100% on the motor. So generally speaking, if you're doing pedal-assist where you're maybe using the motor a little bit, you're pedaling, but it's assisting you, I would say it's safe to say that you could go anywhere from 30 to 70 miles in pedal-assist mode.

Now, the reason I give such a broad range is because there's a lot of different e-bikes out there with a lot of different battery sizes, the battery cells, meaning what brand they are, which is sometimes an indication of how well they'll perform. And then the other factor is the rider. So the rider weight, size, how tall they are... If someone taller, they're going to be less aerodynamic, that's going to create more resistance, which is going to mean the battery is not going to last as long.

The other thing is the type of riding you're doing. Are you on the pavement? Are you on trails? Are you on gravel? All of those different surfaces create different resistances on the bike, which can prevent or enable it to go farther or shorter. If you're riding on pavement, you're going to get more distance out of the pedal-assist versus if you're riding on the trail or gravel, because the tires are going to have to work harder, the motor's going to have to work harder. Also, the conditions outside, what's the wind like, are you riding into the wind, or are you riding with the wind?

So it's not as cut and dry as just simply it can go this distance. There is a pretty major variance. Now you will have an indicator on your LCD screen telling you how much battery life you have. My one tip is to start to measure the performance of your bike based on your body. So as you do a pedal-assist ride, start to track how many miles did I make it this time? How many miles did I make it this time? And you can start to get a sense then of how long your battery is going to last.

So the same is true with electric cars. Electric cars, it's not an exact science. They give you... it's a range depending on how the car has to perform. I personally have an electric car. When I drive up to Hill, I lose a lot of miles even though the dashboard told me, say, I had a 50-mile range. After I go up a large hill, it may drop to 40 miles in range, even though I may have only driven a mile. And that same is true for electric bikes on the pedal assist. If you go up a really, really steep hill and the entire time you have it in pedal-assist, meaning the motors running, you're going to drain that battery a lot quicker than if you stayed on flat ground.

Now, lastly, so how far can an electric bike go on full throttle, meaning you're not peddling at all? Well, actually we made a video on this and our electric bike made it about 20 miles. And I'll say that the conditions we rode in were really hilly. So I'm a firm believer, had we been on flat ground, we could have gotten probably 30 miles, no pedaling. And again, we were on pavement, nice, smooth pavement, but a very hilly terrain, so it really drained the battery more than I anticipated. So my estimation for full throttle, certain conditions, I think you're looking at anywhere from 20 to 40 miles with an electric bike. Now, this can vary depending on how large the battery size is, the conditions, et cetera.

Could you get more than 40 miles? Probably, most likely. Although my personal opinion is most of the e-bikes out on the market, full throttle, you're not going to be getting that much more than 40 miles out of them because it's a lot of work on the motor on these electric bikes. And so doing full throttle, although you can, I wouldn't recommend it on an e-bike to do full throttle for 40 miles. I would recommend letting the motor rest a little bit and use the pedal assist if it has it. I mean they're bicycles, that's what their first and foremost use case is supposed to be, and the electric is supposed to assist you.

All right, so I hope that answers the question of how far can an electric bike go. If you have specific questions around a bike, or motor size, or battery size, and you're curious how far can it go, please reach out, comment below, email us at, or call us (310) 982-2877.

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All right, thanks for sticking around. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience, enjoy the ride.

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How Far Can Electric Bikes Go | E-Bike Questions