How Do Rad Power Electric Bikes Compare to sixthreezero?

March 12, 2021
How Do Rad Power Electric Bikes Compare to sixthreezero?
Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero. Today. I'm going to compare sixthreezero e-bikes to Rad Power e-bikes, stick around.

Okay, so we're going to compare sixthreezero e-bikes to Rad Power e-bikes. I'm not going to get into the specs and the really nitty-gritty of any particular model. If you'd like us to do that, you can send any questions, or email us, and I'm happy to dive in more specifically. I'm going to focus more on who we are as brands and who we target. Now, Rad Power e-bikes, they're great. They have a great market. I see them all over the place here in Southern California. Their designs, as I see it, definitely, in my opinion, are a little bit more male-focused in the current colorways. So, they have a lot of blacks. I do see some blues or some other colors and orange, but as I see it now, their target market really for their e-bikes seems to be more male-dominated.

Now, sixthreezero we also have matt black, but we have a much larger color palette in our electric bikes for women. And women, specifically, we have mint green, we have a navy, we have some new colorways, different color ways. So, we put a really big emphasis on the aesthetic of the bike, the color ways, the looks. And I think you can tell when you look at our bikes, just the color palettes, we also have the AO electric bikes now, which have a pale mint with cream tires. And even for the men now, our Menzie bikes, we're trying to do some designer color ways, two tones gray and orange with brown wheels. So, I would say the biggest difference between sixthreezero and Rad Power really is the design and the style. The other thing is the lineup of bikes.

Now, at sixthreezero, we're expanding and shortly here in the next 12 months, we're going to have a much larger lineup of models in the e-bike sector. Rad Power right now definitely has more different types of bikes. But I would say a big difference is, we really have produced our e-bikes right now, focused on comfort. Now, not to say Rad Power's bikes, aren't comfortable. I've actually ridden them. I believe they are comfortable. But our focus really is on comfort. We're focusing our e-bikes on an upright riding position, on a back that's curved. I believe Rad Power's focus is more on the utility and the performance, not to say our bikes don't perform equally as well, but Rad Power, definitely, I think that's their focal point, is the performance and the T-utility of it. And you see in a lot of their bike models, they're very utility-based in the racks that they come with, which I think is great.

And I actually see a lot of kids riding around, sitting on their rear seats, on those racks, and baby seats on the racks. And those are models that we're going to have coming out here in the next 12 months, but we've come into the market with our electric bikes, really focusing on comfort. And comfort specifically for people that want to be upright. They don't want back pain. They don't want wrist pain. So, both are around the block. And of course, our Every Journey, which is our best-selling standard bike, now in a knee bike form is extremely comfortable. You can read the reviews on that. See people saying things like, "I had lower back pain, I feel nothing on this, Every Journey." So again, and then from a quality on the e-bikes, I would say the quality is generally equal across the bikes, the components, things of that nature, but on the high level, the biggest difference between sixthreezero electric bikes and Rad Power electric bikes, the design, the style, and the fact that we're more comfort-based.

And my belief is Rad Power seems to be a little more utility-based. Now, if you have any more specific questions, or you disagree with me. I'm totally great with that. Comment below. I'm happy to make another video or follow up, or send us an email, or call us, 310-982-2877. Also, don't forget, take our body fit quiz on the website. It's going to ask you questions about your lifestyle and your body and fit you perfectly to an electric bike. I know there's a lot of options out there for electric bikes, and it's hard to choose. Our proprietary algorithm will fit you perfectly to the electric bike that's right for you. And we have a 365-day return policy. So, if at any time in the first 365 days, you own your electric bike, you don't love it, send it back. No questions asked. We'll refund your money, no money out of your pocket. So, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.

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How Do Rad Power Electric Bikes Compare to sixthreezero?