How and What to Eat on Any Bike Ride

September 05, 2018
How and What to Eat on Any Bike Ride
How and What to Eat on Any Bike Ride

Finding the right bike for your ride is just half the battle. You also need to stay fueled! New cyclists often make the mistake of bringing a water bottle and calling it a day. In reality, anything longer than a few miles deserves at least a snack. Whether you’re on a 7-speed beach cruiser or one of our 3-speed bikes, here are some tips for what to eat on rides of any length.

Carrying Food on a Ride

How will you carry your food with you? For short jaunts, a backpack or other bag may be the easiest solution. Fussing with a fanny pack or backpack can be annoying on longer journeys, though. Keep food tucked into the pockets of your clothing for easy access. You might even want to break protein bars up into squares and put them in a baggie so you don’t have to struggle to take a bite.

Short Rides: Stay Hydrated

Length: Up to 1 mile

The primary concern on a short bike ride is staying hydrated. Even biking just a mile could lead to a lot of sweat if you’re going uphill. If you’re biking one mile or less, focus on fueling up before you depart and bring a bottle of water along for the ride. If you want a snack just in case, a banana is a good choice.  Eat a full meal within a few hours to help with your recovery.

Medium Rides: Stay Hydrated and Carb Loaded

Length: 1 to 3 miles

For slightly longer rides, you need to focus on carbohydrates as well as water. An ideal intake is about 30 to 60 grams of carbs each hour. Bring trail mix, an excellent source of concentrated carbs thanks to the dried fruit and nuts, or a banana. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich squares are another great option. Remember – your body needs to be replenished whether it’s sending out signals yet or not.

Long Rides: Stay Carb Loaded and Electrolyte Fueled

Length: More than 3 hours

For long-haul rides, you will need to maintain your carbohydrate levels to earn fast glucose, and you should also bring a sports drink. Consider alternating between water and sports drinks along the way. For long rides, carbohydrate energy gels are a good way to make sure you maintain your carbs on the road. If you notice that digestion is harder for you toward the end of long rides, eat more food at the beginning and stick to hydration later in the trip.

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How and What to Eat on Any Bike Ride