Healthy Workout Tips To Burn Calories Fast

April 26, 2021
Healthy Workout Tips To Burn Calories Fast
Healthy Workout Tips To Burn Calories Fast

Healthy Workout Tips To Burn Calories Fast

Burning 100 calories is easier and more fun than you think. I mean, you can achieve that with fun daily activities such as dancing, walking, and even sex. You don’t have to go to the gym or even sweat to the point of needing a shower afterward! Most 100-calorie burning exercises make weight loss happen with fun and will take just minutes to complete. They will actually fit seamlessly into your daily routine.


There are many factors that determine how many calories you burn per exercise session. The duration of the physical activity, the pace intensity that you use, and the nature of the exercise will all determine the success rate of your workout. Your weight and height are also important factors to consider because the more physically built you are, the more calories any form of physical activity will help you burn.


That being said, if your goal is to burn more calories during your workout, here are 7 workout tips for you:

  1. Bike to work

Consider biking to the office if you don’t live too far from the workplace. You can split up the route if you live too far, say take public transport to a point reasonably near your workplace, and then bike for the remaining part. You can always get yourself a motorized bicycle kit if you don’t want to sweat too much by the time you get to the office. A motorized bike also boosts your pedaling power so you can get to your destination faster than when using ordinary bikes.


According to a study by Harvard University, biking for 30 minutes at a speed of 12-14 miles per hour may help you burn up to 300 calories if you weigh 150-200 pounds. If your bike runs at 16 miles per hour for 30 minutes, you can burn up to 372 calories.

  1. Climb stairs 

Take the stairs up to or down from your apartment, office, hotel room, or any other place with stairs. A 10-minute stairs climb can burn 100 calories, not forgetting that climbing strengthens leg muscles and other muscles in your lower body.

  1. Try high-knee running

This is a fun yet vigorous cardio workout. On top of strengthening your lower body, high-knee running raises your heart rate and helps you burn calories in a short amount of time.

  1. Get fired up 

Warming up vigorously before the main workout (Say bodyweight exercises) will help you burn more calories than you’d have had you not warmed up. Simple dynamic stretches such as Arm Circles for 5 minutes or 10-minute inchworms will get you fired up and ready to shed off those calories. If you are exercising outdoors, 2-3 60-meter sprints will do.


  1. Try rope-jumping

Jumping rope for 10 continuous minutes is all you need to blow off 100-150 calories. This is the simplest weight loss activity anyone can do in the house. Just make sure to keep a temperature controller, so you check the room’s conditions. On top of getting rid of those extra pounds, jumping rope improves hands and leg coordination and at the same time strengthens your lower body muscles. Don’t worry if your legs are hurting when you jump for a solid 10 minutes or if you run out of breath midway. You can always work your way up to it. You will build stamina in no time and burn a few extra calories while at it. 

  1. Swimming helps too

Swimming aids efficient blood flow, lung, and heart capacity, and boosts upper body muscle strength. It is also a great way of burning calories. In fact, swimming has the same calorie-burning ability as jogging, yet it is less stressful on the body. If you cannot jog because of chronic knee pain or limited mobility, try swimming laps or water aerobics. 

  1. And so is hiking

You will burn 100 calories in just 15 minutes of hiking in the woods. Hiking is primarily a more intense form of walking, so it obviously burns more calories. It also builds your leg and core muscles.


Although the seven tips work perfectly well, running remains to be the most effective way to burn calories. You will burn almost twice the calories you burn when you work out in the gym just by running for the same time you spend in the gym. However, if running isn’t your thing for whichever reason, the 7 calorie-burning exercises we have discussed will get you going.

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Healthy Workout Tips To Burn Calories Fast