Guide To Men’s Bikes: Which Design Is Best For You?

Choosing a Bike
January 15, 2019
Guide To Men’s Bikes: Which Design Is Best For You?
Guide To Men’s Bikes: Which Design Is Best For You?

You’re ready to become a serious cyclist, but you need the right gear if you’re going to become a pro. A beach cruiser won’t get you very far on a mountain trail. As you browse the best bikes for men on sixthreezero, consider how you’ll be using your new two-wheeled chariot. Going to the farmers market with the family on the weekend? Hitting up the park trails you’ve been ignoring since you moved into town? The right bike design also depends on your body type. Use our Body Fit tool to see which bikes are good for your frame, then follow our guide to determine which bike design will suit your habits.

Will You Be Cruising Along Flat Trails?

Not all bikes for men are outfitted in intense tires and steel frames. There’s nothing wrong with a comfy beach cruiser if you know your lifestyle doesn’t have room for mountain adventures. If you’re going to be biking mostly in your local park or along a boardwalk, look for a cruiser that has:

  • A wide and comfortable saddle
  • A step-through frame
  • Big tires with semi-slick traction

Are You Going to Commute via Bike?

Have you committed to riding to and from work? You’ll save on gas money and get in shape while you’re at it. Depending on where you live, your beach cruiser may allow you to make a short commute, but a hybrid or city bike is often the best match for commuters. Hybrid and city bikes have a few great features for commuting. Look for a ride that has:

  • Front and rear handbrakes for fast stopping
  • A basket attachment so you can bring a briefcase without wearing it
  • A lightweight frame for easy turning

Do You Like to Tackle Hilly Terrain?

Maybe you’re on the adventurous side. Are you finally ready to become a weekend warrior and visit some of the more expert trails in your area? You’ll need a bike that can handle an uphill climb and absorb some of the jolts you experience when you hit a rock or sail over a pothole. A good bike for hills and unpaved trails will have design features like:

  • Tires built for traction
  • Adjustable front suspension
  • Shock-absorbing engineering

Does Your Back Require Special Attention?

If you have back, knee, or neck pain, choosing a bike requires a bit more care. After getting the OK from your doctor to go ahead with a cycling schedule, you should look for a bike that will encourage safe riding. A good bike for someone will back pain or other aches will be designed with features such as:

  • An ergonomic seat position that doesn’t require hunching over to pedal
  • Shock-absorbing tires and frame that protect joints
  • Pedals that allow for full knee extension to avoid cramping

When you’re ready to make local streets and trails your new playground, it’s time to start scouting men’s bikes. Sixthreezero has bicycles for men in a variety of designs, from compact steel frames with high-traction tires to low cruisers with big tires and wide handlebars. No matter how you’ll use your bike, we have a design that will meet your needs. Get shopping today and you’ll be off and pedaling before you know it. You can even customize the color of your frame and seat so you can tell your ride apart from the others on a bike rack.

Do you want to find new and exciting places to take your bike on an adventure? No matter which design you choose, we have a few suggested trails. Join our Journey Club to uncover new biking locations around the world.

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