Guide To Biking In The Tri Valley

September 11, 2019
Guide To Biking In The Tri Valley
Guide To Biking In The Tri Valley

The Tri Valley in Northern California is known for a lot of things. You can take a delicious wine tour, chow down on artisan ice cream, and get in shape on one of the best cycling routes in the area. 

Want to know more about cycling in the Tri Valley? We’re here to help. Whether you’re getting back on a bike for the first time in 10 years or you’re used to burning some tread on the weekends – we’re sure there is a Tri Valley bike route with your name on it. 

Easy Routes

Not sure you’re ready to tackle a big hill or another rigorous bike trail? We have a few options that won’t leave your legs feeling like jelly. 

Downtown Danville

Distance:10.5 miles

There’s plenty to see in downtown Danville, and the city has wide roads with lots of bike lanes. You can start at the Danville Park & Ride Station, and then make your way downtown beginning on Sycamore Valley Road. There are places to stop and eat (or even watch a movie) along the way!

Livermore Winery Loop

Distance: 5.3 miles

This easy route takes you near the stunning scenery of local vineyards. The loop begins and ends at Campo di Bocce, where you can enjoy local wine and a game of bocce ball after you return from your ride. 

Moderate Routes

Have a bit of experience under your belt? One of these intermediate Tri Valley bike trails might be a good fit for your workout. 

Shadow Cliffs Loop

Distance: 17.5 miles

You’ll start to feel the burn on this Pleasanton area trail. If you start at the Shadow Cliffs Recreation Area, you should be able to find some free parking. Once you set off Iron Horse Trail toward Isabel Avenue, you’ll be en route to your adventure. The route also takes you to Vineyard Avenue – you can probably guess what you’ll find there. 

Arroyo Mocho Trail

Distance: 12 miles

This trail is part of a larger network that runs between Livermore and Pleasanton. The greenway runs through old neighborhoods and past interesting architecture. Keep your eyes peeled for skaters and other pedestrians on this shared use trail. 

Difficult Routes

If you’re up for a real challenge, pack plenty of water and hit one of these trails designed for riders with some experience. 

The House of Pain Loop

Distance: 40 miles

The name of this trail says it all. Most riders begin in downtown Danville and weave all the way through Livermore. When you hit Camino Tassajara, you’re about ready to turn around and return. If you get back downtown in the afternoon, there are plenty of places to refuel on caffeine and good food. 

Iron Horse Bike Trail

Distance: 32 miles

This trail is relatively new; it was completed in 2014. The trail begins in Concord near Highway 4 and goes through Walnut Creek, Alamo, Dublin, and more. The trail is expected to be expanded in the future, ultimately spanning 55 miles. 

Ready to hit the trails in Tri Valley? You have a lot of choices! Check out sixthreezero men’s bicycle and women’s bike options so you’re all geared up and ready to go!

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Guide To Biking In The Tri Valley