Girls Bikes Secrets: Magic Your Daughter Will Love

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February 12, 2019
Girls Bikes Secrets: Magic Your Daughter Will Love

Girls Bikes from sixthreezero

Girls bikes are important to us here at sixthreezero. When we say "girls' bikes," we mean ages, 6 to 12. You see the words "girls' bike" attached to a lot of products in the marketplace. Hence its easy to get confused between a girl's bike, a woman's bike, and a kid's bike. When we talk about girls' bikes here, I'm thinking the 4, 5, 6 age range, up to 12. Again, it's a very blurry line. Anything below four or five is a kid's, children's, or unisex bike. There are gender-specific bikes in those ranges too. You may see a description that might say"little girl's bike" or something of that nature.

Our girls' bikes offer is recent. It's a category we hadn't played in much because we focused more on the adult side. In the last 12 months, we've decided that we want to offer more to girls and boys. As a result, we first started to focus on the older girl's area, which is the 24 inch and the 20 inches. These sizes span the four to twelve age range that we discussed earlier. We began offering these bikes because our adult riders liked the sixthreezero brand. As a result, they wanted to be able to buy the same bikes for their children. So we wanted to be able to offer the same design philosophy and product quality but to a wider range of ages.

sixthreezero Girls Bikes: The Defining Factors

In addition, we want to get more riders on bikes. If we can help inspire younger girls to ride bikes as a result of them liking our product. That's something we're completely passionate and motivated by. We are on a mission to offer a product for every rider out there.

Girls' bikes can generally be the same as any other product. What classifies a girl's bike as a girl's bike is size. And size is varying degree.

You may wonder what's different about a girl's bike versus all the other bikes we offer. The answer is size. This includes the size of the tire and frame. In terms of the actual product and the bike type, nothing differs. Girls' bikes for us are a smaller version of bikes that we already offer. Now that isn't true for all bike brands. Most bike brands only offer specific bike types or bike frames for girls aged 4 to 12. And then they have a whole different set of bikes for the adults.

The sixthreezero philosophy is to stick with our timeless designs. And then shrink them into different size options. This way they are available for everybody. So, in our girls' bike lineup there are more similarities differences to our other bikes.

The Price Ranges of Girl Bikes

sixthreezero can definitely help those looking for girl's bikes. The first piece of advice is when you look in the girls' bike category, prices are susceptible to a range. You can find a girl's bike at Walmart for as low as $40. You can also find a girl's bike at a local bike shop for as much as $400. It's a wide range of different price points. And within those price points are different frame types. That's why it's important to identify how serious you think your daughter is going to be about riding? Or, I should say if you're the daughter reading this how much are you going to use or not use this bike? Another point to be aware of is how long will that person be riding the bike. This is important because this age category is one of the most prime times for growth.

Choosing A Girls Bike Your Daughter Will Love

There's a lot of factors that go into choosing a girl's bike. I wouldn't say our bikes right for everybody. We aren't the least expensive, yet we aren't the most expensive either. Instead, we're focused on giving the best value for design and comfort, at an affordable price. If the girl you're buying the bike for will only ride twice a year. I would say choosing a bike at Walmart or a big box retailer is not a bad decision. If you'll be riding a lot a ride a lot and won't be expecting a growth spurt. I would recommend spending a little more money. This way you can focus more on the quality, and getting something that you think they can log a lot of miles on.

sixthreezero can be a wealth of information to help people identify price ranges. After absorbing our information you can then make your own educated decision. We're here to be a resource in the bicycle industry, period. Meaning and we're happy to answer any questions. As well as educate anyone in the girls' bike market looking to buy. It's our goal to help you make the right choice.

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