Giant Bikes Compared: Powerful Advice and Affordable Quality

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February 12, 2019
Giant Bikes Compared: Powerful Advice and Affordable Quality

Giant Bikes: Evaluating the Competition

Giant Bikes is a bicycle manufacturer as well as a brand. A lot of people don't know that Giant owns factories in Taiwan and China. Hence, they're one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the world. As a result, they produce and manufacture bikes for many well-known brands in the U.S.

Giant manufacture bikes that vary across all bike types. This includes:

  • Cruisers
  • Comforts
  • Road
  • Mountain bikes

They tend to have a pretty big presence in the road and mountain bike category, that's a big focus for them. They sponsor some professional road cycling teams. And they are in the top three bike brand in the U.S.

Different Company Focus

The way sixthreezero compares to Giant is simple, yet complicated. The one thing that makes sixthreezero different from other bike companies is our focus. When you talk about a bike company like Giant, it's a very broad company. They produce bikes in every single category. So, they're spending their time thinking considering various factors. For instance, they might ask themselves:

  • How do we manufacture road bikes?
  • What about mountain bikes?
  • How do we build BMX bikes?

Here at sixthreezero, we're only focused on three major categories. These categories are cruiser, comfort, and hybrids, with the overtone of comfort. So, the way we differ from Giant is the emphasis on comfort. Giant is more focused on performance. And not to say that we don't care about performance. But we're striving for exceptional comfort, and we want our performance to also be at a high level.

So, Giant, what they're focusing on the most is the output of the bike. How much faster can it be? How much more efficient can it be? Especially because they have a big emphasis on road bikes. And when you talk about the road bike rider. Their main concern is a bike that can go fast, can be very light, and, can get people from A to B in a jiffy.

At sixthreezero, we're thinking about:

  • How do we take pressure off of your joints?
  • How do we make sure when you get off the bike your rear end isn't hurting?
  • What about the comfort level for your upper back and shoulders?

Design Emphasis

This leads us to the next big difference between sixthreezero and Giant. What we're focusing on when we design bikes versus what they focus on when they design bikes. Design emphasis.

Another big difference is our emphasis on design, style, and color selection. With Giant, when you look at their color palette. You'll notice they stick to very neutral and generic tones. This means a lot of silvers, grays, and whites. This applies to their women's selection of bikes as well. Whereas at sixthreezero, we're most concerned with at customer intimacy. Thus, we brainstorm how to develop as many different color palettes. For as many different consumers as possible.

And, when you look at our color palettes, you can tell our details is in line with current styles and trends. Our color palette ranges:

  • Aqua
  • Teal
  • Purple
  • Magenta

It's obvious that we're not afraid to put an eye-catching color on our bikes. As mentioned, when you look at Giant, it's much more neutral tones and subdued colors of that nature.

Different Price Points

The next greatest difference is the price point. At sixthreezero we have a very focused price window. We're looking to give consumers the bang for their buck. Being a manufacturer Giant is looking at how to sell, $10,000 road bikes down to as low as $500 bikes.

And at sixthreezero, we're saying, how do we give consumers the best bikes from $200-$500? The design our bikes are for a certain type of cyclist. A cyclist that wants:

  • A quality bicycle
  • That is comfortable
  • Can get them from point A to point B
  • And is less than $2,000

Whereas Giant is looking at: how do we make the best bike no matter how much it costs?

Neither of these approaches is good nor bad. They are different philosophies, for different customer bases. As a result, ours is more focused. While there is broader.

You may be wondering when is it right to choose a sixthreezero bike over a Giant bike? This would depend on what you're looking for. So, in case one, if you're focused on comfort, it would be right to choose a sixthreezero over a Giant bike.

If you are a rider that is looking for:

  • The best riding position that's going to reduce pain
  • A bike that's easy on your shoulders, joints, knees or back
  • Affordable pricing

Your best bet would be to buy a sixthreezero over a Giant bike. Without a doubt, we design our bikes with more emphasis on comfort. Giant, again as I said, puts more focus on performance.

sixthreezero vs Giant Bikes: Personalization

Additionally, it'd be best to choose a sixthreezero over Giant bikes. If you're concerned with style, fashion, and trend. We put a lot of time and energy into researching the hottest colors of the season. And the hottest color combinations. Moreover, we want to make sure we're putting forth bikes that stand out.

We're designed to make it look like an accessory for you. Your bike is an extension of your body, and so you want it to mimic your personality. So, we design all our bikes with that in mind. Giant, again, spends more time on performance, less time on the stylistic aspects. So, if you're concerned with style and trend, you'd be right to go with a sixthreezero.

Third, if the value is a big concern, you'd be right to choose a sixthreezero over a Giant. We are set up to be an online based company. As a result, we're offering better prices and better value directly to our customers. Giant has a whole other chain that they're selling to bike shops, selling to you. In other words, there's a lot more markup that's happening.

And we're also looking, as being a smaller player in the bike industry. We're looking at how we can add as much value to our products as possible. This is our USP to get riders to choose sixthreezero over longer existing bike brands. So, if you're looking to get as many features packed into your bike for as good a price as possible. You'd be right to choose sixthreezero over Giant.

Why Women Should Choose sixthreezero Over Giant Bikes

Lastly, I would say, if you're a woman searching for a recreational bike. You'd be best to choose sixthreezero over Giant. I say this because we offer a deeper color selection for women than any other bike company. We actually sell more women's bikes than men's bikes. A lot of that has to do with the number of options that we offer the female rider.

And that's something we pay attention to, and we know, for our specific customer base. As I said earlier, you don't want to ride a bike to get around, but you want to make sure it fits your personality. So, if you're a woman rider looking for something that's stylistic, you'd be at your best choosing sixthreezero.

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