Forward Pedaling Bikes For Women

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April 04, 2019
Forward Pedaling Bikes For Women

Hey guys, Dustin here. CEO, sixthreezero. I'm gonna talk to you today about the idea of forward pedaling, what it means, how it works, what's the difference between a forward pedaling design bike, and a non-forward pedaling design bike.

So in front of me right here we have the EVRYjourney women's 7-speed teal, and this is one of our forward pedaling design bikes. Let me walk you through what classifies a bike as a forward pedaling design.

So, you can see here, this is called the down tube. Normally the down tube has more of a straight up-and-down angle. In this case, we've actually angled it forward, so you can see the pedals are actually lined up about five to six inches in front of the seat. Generally, on a traditional bike, the pedals would be lined up directly below the seat.

You can see, if you can see here, there's actually a piece that is connecting the crankcase to the back piece of the frame here, and that's about four inches wide. Normally that piece wouldn't exist on a traditional bike, because the down tube would be connecting straight down into the crank housing. So what this does is it puts the rider in a position where you're actually gonna be able to be lower to the ground, while still getting proper leg extension when riding.

There's a couple of advantages to that. One, if you're a rider that has balance issues or is concerned with balance, this will allow you to keep the seat very low to the ground, while still getting proper leg extension, and then when you stop, you'll be able to get your feet flat on the ground, depending on your height. So if you're shorter, you won't have your feet flat on the ground, but if you're, say, about 5'4" or 5'5", you'll actually be able to stop, have your feet flat on the ground, but still have proper leg extension when riding.

So, there are a couple of other benefits, too. Number one, it's going to relieve a little bit of hip pressure, as well. 'Cause instead of putting all the pressure straight down from your back into your hips, you're gonna have your legs out a little bit more in front, so it puts your legs in a little bit more of a relaxed position. A lot of people prefer it, it just takes a little bit of pressure off, and makes the ride super, super comfortable.

So everything about this bike, the EVRYjourney in particular, and the forward pedaling design, is really about comfort. About comfort and safety and ease of use.

Lastly, it's gonna be more of a relaxed feel. So putting the pedals forward, it's going to give a more relaxed riding position, and be, as I said before, very comfortable. So what I want to do real quick is I'm gonna bring Alana into the scene.

This is Alana, she's 5'1".

So Alana, if you can step on the bike, let's just check out where the seat is. Alana, go ahead and step on.

Now, you can see Alana is 5'1", and she's still comfortable on the bike. Her right foot is nearly flat to the ground. Now, if you put your foot up on the pedal, Alana, you can see she's still going to get the proper leg extension. Now, in Alana's case, I actually may raise the seat a little bit for her, which is great. It shows you even someone 5'1", what the forward pedaling design does.

Instead of having to raise the seat too much to get proper leg extension, you get the leg extension by way of the frame design and the forward pedaling.

So Alana, if you want to hop off that one, I'll now bring in the AroundtheBlock. So let me try to compare, and show you guys the difference.

So I'll put this bike right in front. Okay, so now if we've got them both side to side, you can see right here. Here's the down tube. You can see the angles of the two bikes. This one's angled more forward, this is straight down, connects straight to the pedals, straight underneath the seat. This one, again, pedals are moved forward.

That's what forward pedaling design is. Now, if we bring in Alana again, and Alana, if you can sit on the AroundtheBlock ... Now, you can see, look at her foot. It's a little bit higher up. Now, she has, we have the seat all the way down here, but it's a little bit higher up, and you can see the difference of the down tube.

So in order for her to get the proper leg extension, we're gonna have to raise the seat. And that's gonna create her being on her tippy-toes. Not everybody wants to be on their tippy-toes when riding. Some people are concerned about that.

That's why this is really a great bike for casual, comfort-minded riders, people that are about 5', 5'1", this is a great bike. Also for older riders that are concerned about balance, and maybe don't want to have to be on their tippy-toes and risk falling over while riding, and lastly, beginners. A great bike for beginners.

So if any of those things suit you, the EVRYjourney is perfect. If you're just looking for an all-around bike that has performance balanced with comfort, this is a great bike.

So, don't forget. If you have any specific questions about your body type or any other bikes on our website, call us. (310) 982-2877, or shoot us an email,, and don't forget. Enter your body dimensions on our BodyFit tool, your height, and your weight, and we'll tell you which bikes fit you, thumbs up, thumbs down. If they don't fit, reach out. We'll find the bike that's a perfect fit for you.

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Forward Pedaling Bikes For Women