Family-Friendly Bike Trails in Houston

September 17, 2019
Family-Friendly Bike Trails in Houston
Family-Friendly Bike Trails in Houston

There are lots of things to do with your family in Houston – you’ll be drawn to everything from the Space Center to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. But what about seeing the great outdoors? 

Thanks to the bounty of bike trails in Houston, TX, you can get a taste of Texas’s expanse from atop two wheels. When the kids are getting antsy and another trip to Splashtown isn’t in the cards, check out one of these family-friendly trails in Space City!

Terry Hershey Park Trails

Distance: 10+ miles

This family-friendly park has more than 10 miles of bike routes in Houston. Most of the paved trail runs east-west, and you can explore part of the Buffalo Bayou along the way. There is tons of parking here, so it’s easy to park your SUV or mini-van and unload your gear. When you’re done with your ride, cool down at one of the picnic areas. 

Library Loop Trail

Distance: 1.5 miles

Looking for a short route? If you’re not sure whether your kids are up for a long journey just yet, start small! You can still have fun on this un-crowded path that takes you near residential areas. Along the way, you’ll also see plenty of newly planted trees and patches of grass where you can stop to regroup as needed. Just keep your eyes peeled for strollers and other pedestrians on this mixed-use trail. 

George Bush Park

Distance: 11 miles

You’re not exploring Houston if you haven’t visited George Bush Park. The park has more than 7,000 acres of space available to the public, including about 11 miles of bike trails – and don’t worry, you don’t have to tackle the entire trail at once. Be sure to stop at the wildlife habitat after you take off your helmets. 

Sabine Promenade

Distance: 2 miles

This short ride is situated between Allen Drive and Memorial Parkway. If you’re looking to take the family on a tour of downtown Houston, this is a fun way to do it! Weaving between both nature and urban terrain, the relatively short ride is great for beginning riders. Use the Hobby Center Pedestrian Bridge to cross safely between both sides of the promenade. 

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the fun. With so many paved bike trails in Houston, there are infinite opportunities to see the city with your crew. Whether your kids are young or you want to explore the city with your teens, there is a trail that’s just your speed. 

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Family-Friendly Bike Trails in Houston