Exploring Oregon’s Coast On A Bike

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February 23, 2017
Exploring Oregon’s Coast On A Bike
Exploring Oregon’s Coast On A Bike

The Oregon Coast is special. It not only offers unparalleled whale watching and miles of sandy beaches, but it’s also a hiker’s dream. However, once you start experiencing it on a bike you may never go back. That’s because there is something for every level of bicyclist, from beginner to pro. So there may be no better time than now to buy a road bike. If you do, here are a few great trips to consider:

Newport to Coos Bay

This 100-mile trip is perfect for those who have a city road bike, or other type of two-wheeler, and want an easy few days of biking while still experiencing some small-town charm. After you buy a road bike, start in picturesque Newport and head south along the coast into Siuslaw National Forest. Here, you will never be far from the ocean yet still be ensconced in the greenery of a redwood forest. Take three or four days, staying overnight in Yachats and Dunes City, before ending your trip in Coos Bay. Take a tour of all of sixthreezero’s best hybrid city bikes.

Oregon Coast to Crater Lake

In this week-long journey for the strong-legged set, you will see plenty of sandy beaches and roaring ocean waves, as well as some of the most stunning scenery Oregon has to offer. Begin your trip in the world-class city of Portland and head south on your city road bike along the coast to the dunes of Reedsport. Then, hop on the Wild Rivers Coast Scenic Bikeway from Bandon on your way down to Gold Beach, the sunniest spot on the Oregon coast. You’ll then head east to stunning Crater Lake before turning north for the return trip to Portland. Check out sixthreezero’s lineup of city road bikes.

For those who want to buy a road bike, the power of this kind of vacation lies in the freedom to design your own trip while also basing it on exercise and fresh air. Then, when you are ready to stop, you can experience world-class cuisine, beer and wine. What could be better than that?

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Exploring Oregon’s Coast On A Bike