Electric Bikes: Fundamentals for Comfort and Safety

Choosing a Bike
February 12, 2019
Electric Bikes: Fundamentals for Comfort and Safety

Electric Bikes are Popular at sixthreezero

Electric bikes currently come in two different models at sixthreezero. And we plan on introducing additional models throughout 2019 and into 2020. You can check them out on our website by navigating to the eBike category menu. The two bikes you will see listed are our Around the Block and our EVRYJourney. Both feature men and women models in 250 watts and 500-watt sizes.

We have decided to start with those two models because they're two of our most popular "normal bikes." Hence we thought adding a motor would expand the possibilities for riders. It's not a useless feature just for show. Instead, it will push your riding to new limits, longer distances, and higher speeds. Feel free to check them out in our electric bikes category.

Should You Buy A Comfort Style Electric Bike?

Electric bikes are growing exponentially year over year. As more people begin to realize that electric bikes are the best form of short distance travel. This applies to distances of 10 miles or less. As a result of their increased popularity, multiple E-bike businesses have popped up over the last few years. If you are considering buying one as well the best place to find depends on your needs and personal taste. My recommendation is that sixthreezero is the best option for electric bikes for:

  • Recreational riders
  • Lifestyle riders
  • Comfort-based riders

If you're looking for tried-and-true electric bikes that:

Then sixthreezero is a great choice.

The Best Companies for Electric Bikes Right Now

Our EVRYJourney and Around the Block models focus on adding comfort to the eBike market. There aren't many other companies doing what we are in terms of design. If you're looking for a higher end bike with more variety then I would recommend a company called IZIP. They're available on Amazon and focus on performance-based bikes. There's also a company called Pedego. They compete in the electric bikes segment as well. Like us, they offer a variety of comfort and cruiser bikes. However, their price points are much more expensive than ours.

Also with Pedego, they have rental shops around the country. So, if you're not yet sold on electric bikes you could pop inside. Rent one for a few hours, check it out and see if it's something you like. This way you can start to understand the speed capabilities of the motor. Again, sixthreezero would be very comparable to Pedego. So by checking them out, you would find a fair comparison concerning what buying one our bikes would be like. I would also suggest you conduct your own research on dealers of electric bikes on Google. During your search, you'll find that there aren't a lot of them in the country yet. Only in certain cities such as Los Angeles and New York.

Buying Electric Bikes In Store Vs. Online

However, if you choose to buy one in a store, you will find prices to be much higher. These increases in cost are due to labor charges for building the bike, things of that nature. This is why I encourage you to do your research online. If you're not scared to build it yourself, you can always get a better deal searching versus buying in store. Before you pull the trigger make sure to test ride before you buy.

Okay, so you want to buy electric bikes and you're searching on Craigslist. There are a couple of key things that I would look out for. Number one, I would pay attention or try to get information around the battery. Some good questions to find out include the number of charge cycles the battery has been through. With lithium-ion batteries, they have a limited number of times charging uses. And the limits vary depending on each battery company.

Replacement Batteries Can Be Expensive

If you buy the bike and it's towards the end of the battery life cycle, a replacement could cost you from $200- $400. Also, you're going to have to find a battery specific to the e-Bike model you've purchased. When buying any bike on Craigslist, it's wise to find out if the company offers replacements. If you don't have information in regards to the exact number of miles on the bike, then you should prepare where you should go to find a replacement battery.

There are replacement batteries you can buy online that are generic. However, these days most electric bikes are featuring integrated and proprietary battery sizes. These are similar to the types of batteries used in Apple computer and iPhones. This means you can't buy generic batteries. Consequentially, you will have to buy a battery specific to those products. This same methodology is true for eBike companies, although not all of them. You want to make sure the manufacturer of that product does, in fact, offer eBike batteries.

Check the Motor

The other thing I would say is to inspect the motor. How many miles has the motor accumulated? What kind of maintenance endeavors has been taken?

With electric bikes versus normal bikes, the replacement costs are gonna be much higher. It's more important on electric bikes versus a non-electric to understand the wear and tear. The same is true of buying a normal bike on Craigslist. However, with a normal bike, the replacement costs of parts will be far less expensive. And that you don't want to have to replace a motor after owning the bike for two weeks.

I recommend the same diligence as when buying a car. If you know of a local bike shop. And someone's selling a used e-bike shop I would recommend paying them $20 to $30 to do a once-over test on it. Especially if you're about to invest $500 or more. An inspection on the e-bike will give you some peace of mind to know you're making the right decision.

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