Electric Bike Holiday Gift Guide 2020: How To Buy An eBike This Holiday Season

November 02, 2020
Electric Bike Holiday Gift Guide 2020: How To Buy An eBike This Holiday Season
Electric Bike Holiday Gift Guide 2020: How To Buy An eBike This Holiday Season

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are a growing trend among people who want to improve their health and lessen their environmental impact. E-bikes are an emissions-free alternative to cars or motorcycles that offer more speed than a regular bicycle. As the holiday season approaches, consider an electronic bike for someone you know. There are plenty of different options available to suit the needs of just about any person you would be buying for.

Why Buy an e Bike? 

An e-bike is a reliable way to traverse short distances without using a gas-guzzling car or scooter. It also allows you to get your exercise by promoting cardiovascular fitness. Biking to the grocery store or work would let you get your leg day workout in at the same time. Unlike a regular bike, though, you don't have to exert yourself to get very far. The max speed on most e-bikes is between 24 mph and 28 mph, putting an e-bike on par with a scooter. The electric motor lets you achieve these speeds, allowing you to go further without over-exerting yourself. When you want to focus more on exercise, you can always turn the motor off.

  • They are environmentally friendly 
  • Great for commuting to work 
  • You can easily run errands around town 
  • You can go further & faster than a regular bicycle 
  • Going up hills & climbing hilly terrain is easier with an electric bicycle

Men's & Women's e Bikes

This flexibility that e-bikes provide carries over into how they're designed. No matter who you're shopping for, there's an e-bike design out there that's perfect for them! Men's and women's bike designs take things like height, sitting position and personal design choices into account. For men's bikes, there are options available that are specifically designed for tall riders; women's electric bikes offer designs for those with shorter legs. This flexibility allows for customization to make sure that the bike fits the rider. An e-bike is an investment in your health and a commitment to helping the environment; offering the most options for men and women allows customers to make sure that their bike suits their needs.

Electric Beach Cruiser Bikes

Men and women have different riding needs, but these aren't the only needs taken into consideration. People want to use their bike for different reasons; someone who wants to use their bike for cruising and more casual riding isn't going to need a bike with a streamlined design and a heavy-duty motor. For the casual rider who wants to take a joyride every once in a while, beach cruiser bikes are a perfect fit.

These bikes feature a cruiser design reminiscent of old-fashioned beach cruiser designs. The wide handlebars and low seats offer maximum comfort. All cruiser bikes also allow for fully electric riding, meaning you won't have to pedal at all. Pedal-assist allows you to go farther on one charge of the battery.

Generally, cruise bikes offer the following features:

  • Comfortable seating
  • Wide handlebars
  • 15 mph full electric riding 
  • Up to 24 mph with pedal assist

Electric Hybrid Bicycles

The hybrid bicycle is a truly assisted riding experience. The bike and seat are designed to easily keep you upright without putting a strain on your muscles. The hybrid design allows you to completely control the amount of strain you put on your body. Achieve higher mph by turning on your motor and letting it assist your pedaling. These bikes allow you to go further without overexerting yourself. If you want to use a bike to commute, this is the one for you.

E-bikes offer a smart, economic alternative to driving that allows you to get out of it what you put into it. If you know someone who wants to save on gas, someone looking to lessen their environmental impact or just someone who wants a stylish way to get around, there are plenty of e-Bike options for you to choose from.

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