Electric Bicycles On Amazon

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July 30, 2019
Electric Bicycles On Amazon


 Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of Six Three Zero. Today I want to talk to you about electric bikes on Amazon so let's get into it. So, electric bikes are on Amazon. They have a growing number of ebikes on there and the selection is getting good. They've got lots of different brands, lots of different styles, lots of different motors, and lots of different options. So, let's talk about is it is good to buy an electric bike on Amazon or what should you know? So, my thought is yes. Buying an electric bike on Amazon is an okay thing to do and there are some great features one of which is you can pay to have someone assemble the bike. I believe in some of the electric bikes they offer the assembly for free. On uncertain bikes they, depending on price, you can have your bike assembled for free at a shop or you can add it as an add on service. So, that's a really big benefit.

The other benefit is they're going to come to your house and assemble that bike. So, obviously, with Amazon get it shipped free to your house and then someone will come there and build it for you so that's a great plus. Versus if you buy it in a bike shop you've got to get it home. That could be challenging with electric bikes because of the weight and the size of them. The other thing I'll say about Amazon is they've done a really good job in the last few years of building up a massive selection.

So, Amazon is not necessarily the low price leader. They're more keen on giving the consumer what they want. So, if you look at electric bikes on Amazon right now there's a wide wide price range. You're going to find electric bikes from $400 up to I want to say I've seen him for five, $6,000 and there are also really reputable brands on there. Raleigh has their electric bikes on there. Six Three Zero, we have our electric bikes on there. There are some other companies I can't think of them off the top of my head. I believe Schwinn has their electric bikes on there as well.

And so, the beauty of it and the electric bikes on there is you can go and shop around and sort by different features and take a look at the different options that exist out there. So, I believe that they have a great selection and the benefit of it is, is the variance in price. Again, they're not just trying to give you the low end, they're not just giving you the high end. Whereas I think when you go into other stores or online other places you don't necessarily get that huge variance in price from high to low. So, my recommendation is yeah you can look for ebikes on Amazon.

And the other benefit is the reviews. So, you can read the reviews from other consumers about what ebikes they have, things like that. And a lot of the e-bikes to you may not be able to find in stores near you. So, if you're trying to shop locally it's really difficult because the selection can be limited to electric bikes. Whereas if you're online on Amazon in particular, bigger selection, lots of things to look at. So, and Six Three Zero, we have our electric bikes on Amazon. Please check it out. The Every Journey 250 watt, 500 watts, and the Around the Block 250 watt and 500 watts. Those are options on the normal bikes we have listed. So, if you click on the Every Journey or the ATB on Amazon you'll see when you go to the page you can select the 250 or 500 watts. And actually, our Every Journey women's bike is I think the number one or number two most reviewed bike on all of Amazon and now the electric version's available. So, please take a look.

Also, you can go to our website. If you go to our website check it out on the top nav. Electric bikes, you can see our models. If you like one, you can purchase it on Amazon. No problem. If you're a Prime member you get the free two-day shipping, get free shipping from us, whatever's best for you. You can also make our body fit quiz on our website and we'll recommend a bike for you based on your riding needs, things like that. And if you have any questions, even if you're going to purchase on Amazon, you can reach out to us directly, the team at SixThreeZero.com or call us (310) 982-2877 and we'll be here to help you. So, enjoy your ride.

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