Electric Bicycle Weight Characteristics

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March 22, 2019
Electric Bicycle Weight Characteristics

Hey guys. Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero. I want to talk to you today about the weight of eBikes or how heavy are eBikes? So let's get straight into it. So an interesting question. Now the weight of an eBike is really going to be dependent on the battery size and the type of motor. I would say most of the weight or the added weight of an eBike versus a normal or non-motorized bike is going to come from the battery.

Battery sizes vary depending on the motor size. So if you have a 500-watt motor you're going to need probably about a 48-volt battery which is going to be pretty big, pretty thick, pretty heavy. So what you could expect on an eBike is probably a bike weight range of anywhere from 50 to 70 pounds. The sixthreezero eBikes actually range from about 65 to 70 pounds and that's a combination of motor and battery.

Now as an example, our EVRYjourney bike, the normal bike is about 32 pounds. The eBike is about 70 pounds so you're adding about 28 pounds of weight to that bike because of the battery and the motor. Now I can't speak to every bike on the market but that's a general range. You're going to see an additional probably 15 to 35 pounds added to your bike is converted to an eBike which is going to put the bike in a range from about 50 to 75 pounds for eBikes.

So this is something ... I would want to make sure that everybody's comfortable with. It's a lot more weight to balance especially if the battery is in the rear or even in the mid-frame. It's going, when you stop you're going to have to have a little bit more ... provide a little more effort to make sure the bike is balanced, not tipping over either direction. Now it's not that big of a deal but it's something I think everybody should be aware of when they go from riding a normal bike to an eBike.

It's something that may require a little bit of getting used to when you're doubling the weight of the bikes. So the other thing that is going to be, depending on the weight of the bike is the frame. Just like in normal bikes whether it's a steel frame or an aluminum frame and the difference between a steel frame and an aluminum frame could be anywhere from, let's say, 7 to 15 pounds depending on the type of aluminum, how much metal is being used on that particular bike.

So the same is true of eBikes. So to say exactly how much every eBike weighs is impossible but I think of the range I provided is pretty accurate and encapsulates most eBikes. So if you have any other questions whether about eBikes or any other bike, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can email us, theteam@sixthreezero.com or give us a call, 310-982-2877 and look up here, top navigation of our website.

You can check out our eBikes. Just click the shop. Look for eBikes. And please, enter your height and your weight into our body-fit tool. It will tell you which bikes are going to fit your body. And if you don't get a thumbs up reach out to us. We can find a way to customize a bike that will fit you because our goal at sixthreezero is to find a bike that will fit your body perfectly.

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Electric Bicycle Weight Characteristics