E Bikes vs Fat Tire Bikes: What’s the Difference

September 04, 2019
E Bikes vs Fat Tire Bikes: What’s the Difference
E Bikes vs Fat Tire Bikes: What’s the Difference

As cycling rises in popularity, innovative bike types and designs are being introduced to the cycling community. If you’re new to this scene, you may be wondering “what is an e bike?”or “what are fat tire bikes?” Don’t worry, many new cyclists are unfamiliar with these terms. Electric bikes and fat tire bakes are both relatively new,  and many skilled cyclists have never ridden either of them. However, once you learn more about them and what makes them unique, you’ll probably want to snatch up one of each. Here’s a quick guide to help you understand what makes each of these types of bikes so fun to ride.

E Bikes

E bikes are electric bikes, which means they rely at least partially on a battery pack to power them. The most popular type of electric bike is the pedal assist/pedelec option. Many cyclists argue it is the best electric bike because it allows you to control how much effort you put into your ride.  When you ride a pedal assist bike, you pedal like normal, but you receive assistance from the motor attached to the bike. The level of assistance you receive can be customized to your preferences and can help you get over hills with greater ease.

In addition to the popular pedal assist e bike, there are also throttle and speed pedelec electric bikes available. These bikes go faster than the pedal assist option and are more like motorized scooters. You may need to be licensed in order to ride these types of bikes, depending on the laws and regulations governing such bikes where you live. When learning how to ride an e bike in your area, carefully inspect all local laws that pertain to your bike.

Fat Tire Bikes

Unlike an electric hybrid bike, a fat tire bike has unusually wide tires. There are electric fat tire bike options available as well as traditional, human-powered pedal options. While e bikes are primarily meant to be ridden on paved roads, you may be wondering “what is a fat tire bike for?” The answer is off-roading. Fat tire bikes have oversized tires (usually 3.8 inches or wider). The tires have deep traction that allows the rider to maintain control of the bike even in unstable terrain. Fat tire bikes are frequently ridden in snow, bogs, mud and sand.

If you like to mountain bike but hate the weather restrictions your mountain bike is susceptible to, you’ll love fat tire bikes. Even on rainy days when your mountain bike is stuck in your garage, your fat tire bike can tackle the soggy trails with ease. Just make sure you wear clothing appropriate for the occasion so you don’t get chilled during your off-roading adventures.

When it comes to choosing between e bikes and fat tire bikes, there is no “correct” decision. Just figure out what type of bike works best for your needs. If you simply need to commute to work each day, an e bike is the obvious choice. However, if you want a bike that will allow you to go practically anywhere regardless of weather, a fat tire bike is the best choice, hands-down.

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