Does The Giant Comfort Bike Have Gearing?

May 12, 2017
Does The Giant Comfort Bike Have Gearing?
Does The Giant Comfort Bike Have Gearing?

Finding the right bicycle for your height and style can be a bit tricky. Our team is here to help walk you through this process and get you and your family into the saddle of the perfect comfort cruiser bicycles. If you are looking for gearing options, we have a variety of 3 and 7 speed bikes. Not sure which bike is right for you? Our team can answer any questions about frame size, wheel size and assembly. With so many styles and frame designs to choose from, we understand it might take you a while to decide, but that’s ok with us.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with possibilities, we recommend a hybrid like our EVRYjourney.

Join our Journey Club to uncover new and exciting ride locations around the globe!

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Does The Giant Comfort Bike Have Gearing?