Different Beach Cruiser Handlebars: What’s The Advantage Of Each Type?

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February 13, 2017
Different Beach Cruiser Handlebars: What’s The Advantage Of Each Type?
Different Beach Cruiser Handlebars: What’s The Advantage Of Each Type?

Just because you commit to a particular type of bicycle, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a say in designing it to reflect your style, needs, and physical limitations. This is especially true when you put your faith in sixthreezero. So, for instance, when you have decided to shop for a beach cruiser, sixthreezero allows you to control your posture while riding with the best selection of beach cruiser handlebars. Read on to decide which style is best for you.

We Come to You

If you are looking for comfort and ease in all ways, opt for beach cruiser handlebars, which rise up high and toward your body. This style of handlebars minimizes stretching and stress on your upper body. These easy riders are typically customary on single-speed, classic beach cruiser bikes, but sixthreezero will add them to any bike you choose. Get a sense of this style of handlebars by taking a tour of all of sixthreezero’s bikes.

A Little of This, a Little of That

One of the best things about hybrid bikes is that their design is meant to make different styles of riding possible, and relatively easy on the body. They are not super heavy and built only for comfort like beach cruisers, nor are they super light and built only for speed like city bikes. This can be seen in design aesthetics that instead borrow different elements from those styles to create something in between the two of them. Naturally, this extends to handlebars, which are neither too high nor upright like those of a beach cruiser, nor are they too aggressively or uncomfortably forward, like those of a street bike. Instead, they strike just the right middle ground. Check out sixthreezero’s super selection of hybrid bikes to get a sense of their style.

Speed Is the Thing

If speed is your thing, then think about adding hybrid bicycle handlebars to your two-wheeler. These slightly lower, slightly more forward handlebars, move your body into a more aggressive posture and encourage you to move it. Take a tour of sixthreezero’s awesome hybrid bikes.

Always listen to your body and match your style of bike to the way you like to ride. After all, sixthreezero makes it super simple. Visit sixthreezero.com to start your bike-shopping experience now.

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