Cycling Trends To Look Out For In 2019

April 16, 2019
Cycling Trends To Look Out For In 2019
Cycling Trends To Look Out For In 2019

It’s a new year in the world of cycling, and things are about to get exciting. Not only does the industry have a lot of new bike technology up its sleeve, but more people may have access to shared bikes. Your New Year’s cycling goals are about to get an assist. Let’s take a look at five cycling trends to expect soon:

  1. More Mixed Terrain Riding

Gravel riding started to trend in 2018, and it’s not slowing down. Buckle up. Some of the best bike rides you take in 2019 may not be on neatly paved roads and trails. We may even see an increase in gravel riding events. If you’re looking for a way to challenge yourself, sign up for a gravel ride or race this year. In any case, many bike clubs are likely to take to unpaved trails and more unconventional terrain to keep things interesting.

  1. A Focus on Aerodynamics

Making bikes aerodynamic is nothing new, per se. But we’re about to see a boom in a focus on aerodynamics in both bikes and accessories. What does this mean? More lightweight bike frames and new helmets built specifically with speed in mind. Even if you’re not a racing cyclist, you can benefit from light bikes and equipment that will help you breeze down a hill with ease.

  1. New Tire Options (Including Tubeless!)

It may be easier to get your hands on tubeless tires this year. Tires without the traditional inner tube are potentially faster to repair and less likely to need replacement. Plus, you can tackle more difficult terrain without fear of a tire breakdown. Fat tires are also still trending (which is good news given the increase in gravel trails).

  1. More Bike Sharing Locations

In cities across the country, it’s becoming easier to get your hands on a bike, even if you don’t buy one. In fact, some of the best bike rides in 2019 could be ones you take upon an e-bike. Bike sharing apps and programs are cropping up on a lot of college campuses, too. Getting to class on time or making it to the market will be a lot easier as public bike sharing surges.

  1. Cycling Attire that Works

We’re not just seeing a focus on making bikes more lightweight and aerodynamic. Clothing for cyclists is also evolving. Soon you’ll be able to buy reversible jackets with reflectors that turn into lights, and other wearable technology. Cycling attire is an exciting new frontier, where designers are building clothes for fashion and function that keep you safe and dry.

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Cycling Trends To Look Out For In 2019