Cycle Into The New Year With The Best Bikes For Men

Choosing a Bike
January 15, 2019
Cycle Into The New Year With The Best Bikes For Men
Cycle Into The New Year With The Best Bikes For Men

Upping your bike pedal count in the new year is a great goal. So is paying less for parking meters. Wouldn’t you know it, buying a new men’s bike lets you kill two birds with one stone! You can start your year with a bang by getting your hands on a sixthreezero men’s bicycle. Here are some of our most popular bikes for city riding, trail excursions, and all-around adventuring:


The EVRYjourney bike is a hybrid cruiser. It’s also one of our most popular men’s bicycles for sale. The lightweight frame makes it easy to maneuver, but the tires mean business. You can choose a 3- or 7-speed model if you’re in the city, or go with a 21-speed for tackling tougher terrain or riding on an uphill trail. Some other features include:

  • 26-inch wheels with semi-slick tires
  • Matching fender and rear attachment for baskets
  • Front and rear handbrakes

Around the Block

If you’re just cycling around the neighborhood, the Around the Block cruiser is the one for you. It’s among our best bicycles for men not only because it’s available in up to 21 speeds, but also because it’s super comfortable. This bike also:

  • Comes with ultra-smooth two-inch tires
  • Has an ergonomic frame
  • Allows for full leg extension to avoid knee stiffness


What’s that? You’re also planning to spend a ton of time at the beach this year? Look no further than the BE for your new year bike of choice. The bike is stylish, comfy, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The BE has:

  • A step-through frame that makes it easy to get on and off
  • Splash front and rear fenders to protect against mud and sludge build up
  • The ability to travel safely at up to 17 miles per hour

Reach Your Destination

If you like the look of big tires but you’re about more than just that beach cruising life, the hybrid Reach Your Destination bike is calling your name. You can take it to your neighborhood park or check out the nature preserve your neighbor keeps telling you about. The Reach Your Destination bike is:

  • Equipped with front and rear hand brakes for easy stopping
  • Comes in matte black with a small stripe of color for the low-key style
  • Has a 7-speed Shimano External Derailleur

It’s the new year which means it’s time to get your goals on track. Setting a new record for miles traveled or hills climbed sounds pretty great to us. Plus, it sounds great on a dating profile or humble brag in the group chat. Check out the sixthreezero men’s bikes for sale and choose one that works for you. You can use our Body Fit tool to find a ride that works for your height and weight, then narrow it down by how you’ll use your bike. It’s that easy.

Do you want to find new and exciting places to take your bike on an adventure? Join our Journey Club to uncover new biking locations around the world.

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Cycle Into The New Year With The Best Bikes For Men