Cruiser Bicycle Size and Fitting For Women

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April 04, 2019
Cruiser Bicycle Size and Fitting For Women


Hey guys. Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero. Today I'm here with Alana, our lovely model who's 5'1", and we're gonna talk to you today about bike fitting for women, specifically for cruisers. More specifically, the sixthreezero Around the Block. 
Finding the right fit for your body can sometimes be difficult. With sixthreezero bikes, we've designed all of our bikes to accommodate a really wide range of heights, from about 5'0" to about 6', depending on your arm length and leg length, you may need a smaller bike or a larger bike. But our bikes are pretty flexible in the height range and they can be adjusted to accommodate a lot of different women and different body types.
Alana's 5'1" as I said. This is our 26 inch Around the Block. Alana, if you can step on really quick. You can see the seat's all the way down right now. And you can see she's comfortable on this bike. Her foot can almost be flat. The heel is a little bit off the ground. In this case, she actually may want the seat up just a little bit but I put it down all the way for the sake of showing how low it can go and how comfortable she can be.
Knowing that she's 5'1", this tells us that someone 5' could definitely ride a 26-inch women's cruiser. Now I can't say that about every 26-inch women's cruiser but I can specifically say that about the Around the Block. You can see her leg is bent at a perfect angle, the right leg, to be riding, and she's comfortable enough to get her feet down when stopping. I can definitely even see that we may want to raise the seat up a little bit 'cause her arms maybe need to come up a little bit also.
Again, this bike can accommodate someone 5' at the smallest height. Alana's 5'1". It fits perfectly for her.
Now, if you have short arms or short legs and you're 5'1", this may not be the right size. You can see Alana has average proportionate arm length and leg length and so she's a good fit. Now if you have particularly short legs and you're 5'1", you may want to consider a 24-inch model. Now you'd have to have significantly shorter legs than average for that to be the case. I'm fairly confident most women 5' or 5'1" can fit this bike but if you haven't ridden in a long time, if you're a beginning rider, if you're a younger rider, or if you're an older rider and you have balance concerns, please opt for the smaller frame. We have this bike available in 24-inch sizes. It would be a better fit for you.
Don't forget. Enter your height and your weight on our body fit tool on the website. It will tell you which bikes fit you. If you get a thumbs down, please contact us directly and we can talk to you more specifically about your body type and how to fit you. Reach out. You can email us, the team, at or call us direct 310-982-2877. We want to make sure that we always get you on the right bike to fit your body.

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Cruiser Bicycle Size and Fitting For Women