Comparing the sixthreezero Body Ease and EVRYjourney 3-Speed Braking System

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February 25, 2021
Comparing the sixthreezero Body Ease and EVRYjourney 3-Speed Braking System
One other difference between the two bikes is the brakes, but not the brake... Generally speaking, the brakes are similar in terms of using the caliper brakes and the hand brakes, but there's a difference between the braking system that we used on the three-speed for the Body Ease versus the three-speed on the Everyjourney. Pete, you want to speak to that a little bit?

Yeah, it's pretty basic. On most three-speeds, these are an internal system, which means that the gears are actually inside of the hub here. On most of them, it's a coaster brake, meaning that the brakes are operated by backpedaling just a little bit. On this one, it's actually free... It's got a freewheel system so that you can paddle backward, like on a seven-speed or 21-speed. So this one will have two handbrakes on it since there is no coaster brake in the rear hub on the Body Ease.

Yeah. So if you're looking to get a three-speed, which is a great option for simple sort of around town riding, the internal three-speed, less maintenance, really easy to operate and adjust. So if you are someone that was raised on riding with handbrakes and you prefer to have two handbrakes and it's easy for you to stop and you do want a three-speed, the Body Ease has that option where you have two handbrakes with the three-speed. On the Every Journey, on the three-speed option, you actually have one front hand brake and a rear coaster brake where you pedal backward to stop. So something to keep in mind as you're comparing the two bikes.

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Comparing the sixthreezero Body Ease and EVRYjourney 3-Speed Braking S